April 12, 2017


If you think you've hurt someone, if you think you've offended someone... think about the lions.

What are the lions doing? they are hunting preys, they eat weak animals without conscience. They don't care if they hurt another animal for as long as they stop the hunger of their stomach. They don't care at all that is why they are always victorious.

I am not saying that become brutal like them and hurt people, what I am trying to say is don't get too much sensitive on other people, be nice but don't treat them like babies, don't treat them like fragile individuals. Be yourself  and never mind if you offended someone with what you say or do for as long as you know in yourself that you are always trying to be nice as much as you can.

There are lot of dramatic people out there who will cry like a 7 year old toddler when their demands were not meet, they will complain and whine once you accidentally say something not nice to their ears. Forget about them, this world has no room for soft people. If they think that they were offended then too bad for them. Just keep moving and focus on your dreams, focus on what you're doing. Don't be nice too much or else you will be the one who will be eaten alive.

Think like a lion and move like a lion, be sharp and stay focus with your goals. Whatever it is on your mind... don't be apologetic about it. Don't feel sorry for other people who are weak and are always making dramas every now and then. They just want sympathy, they want to be babied so they can have an easy life. Be bold and single minded, don't let anyone get on your way.

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