April 29, 2017


If you're really a writer and you said that you're passionate about writing then you should love everything about it. Just typing the keyboard should give you happiness and excitement. Just building a single sentence should pump you up and make you feel motivated. Just finishing a story should make you feel accomplished. Just knowing that a single person read it should make you feel appreciated even if they don't like what they've read. Just feeling your pen moving if you're writing on a paper should give you tremendous feelings. Because if you really like your work... you will appreciate everything about it even the most difficult part. You will still be able to put a smile on your face even if you are having a hard time.

If you really love being an athlete then you should also love everything about it. You should love the pain, the grind, the failures. You should still feel lucky and blessed if you got injured because you can grow from it, you can learn from it, a tragic happening will give you something. You should feel excited when you're practicing because it is your work to get better everyday. Just the bounce of the ball should give you goose bumps, just a step on the ring should make you feel amazing, just a sweat on your towel should make you feel you are doing something great. Just simply working hard should give you happiness because it is your work, you should love everything about it if you want to keep it and keep doing it.

If you're a telemarketer and you want to become a regular employee, you should love everything about it. Even the customers saying foul words to you... you should love it because it is part of the process. If you can't love everything in what you're doing then you will never succeed. You will get burned out, you will be stressed, you will quit in the long run. Money alone can't motivate you, you should be passionate in your work and never complain about it because you still have work, there are lot of people that don't have work and can't even work so you should not take any second for granted.

Having a work is like taking care of a baby. You should milk it, endure the hardship and make it grow. Love every step of the process so it will stay with you forever. If you will hate your work and curse it everyday then it will go away, you will also experience a lot of stress that will make you sick. I don't know why there are lot of people who complain about their work but still do it. If you can't love what you're doing then it is not a work anymore, it is called punishment.

No matter what work you have... love it. If you can't love it then leave, don't do it again. Don't make your work suffer, don't let yourself suffer. Find something else that will make you feel better and that you will love forever.

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