April 11, 2017


Really? you give your best? you give everything you've got? then why are you still alive? if you really gave everything then you should have also gave your life. Because giving everything literally means giving everything in your life including your life, including the oxygen you breathe, including the last penny on your pocket, including the last second of your time. You can't leave anything not given, you have to have zero in order for you to say that you gave everything you've got, you must be half dead or at least close to dead, you must not be able to move anymore so you can have the right to say that you gave everything you have.

Telling everyone that you gave everything is a deep thing, it is a deep conversation. A lot of people are saying they gave their best yet they fail. That is a complete hoax, if they give everything then they should still be working, they should still be risking, they should not be talking.

Giving everything is like quitting but never stopping, you are quitting all the things that are stopping you from moving, you are quitting all your leisure, you are using all your time for sacrificing for something. You literally put your life in pain, you're like punishing yourself... that is what giving everything you've got really means. You don't know what happiness means anymore, you don't know comfort, you don't know rest, all you want to do is get that something you are dreaming of for whatever means necessary.

So if you are still alive now and making excuses... it simply means you're a quitter, you are just making excuses so that you will feel good and avoid calling yourself a failure. You're a loser if you're saying that you give everything you got yet you still fail. You should be dead by now if it is really true.

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