April 10, 2017


As long as it gives you happiness, as long as it excites you... keep doing it because it will give you results, it will give you anything that you want.

A positive action paired with joy and bliss will give you success. So if you find something that gives you happiness, money or any kind of result... keep doing it. Never stop doing it, never stop even if sometimes you feel a little bit bored. Because the joy will come back again, the excitement will come back again stronger than ever.

Keep doing it because it is very hard to find something that you love, it is very hard to find something that will make you work longer. And if you are working longer, it means you really love what you're doing. A lot of people are working for so long but they are so sick and tired of their job or whatever it is that they are doing. They wanted to quit but they give themselves no choice but to work on a jog

This idea doesn't only apply to jobs. It also applies to any process that you are doing. It can be small or big process. If you are on your journey of building your stamina because you are competing or something... if you find a process that you really love, even if it is not popular or not too many people are doing it... keep doing it because it will give you results. Don't worry about the results because doing it is already a result. A work with love will surely give you something that you will love.

If you wanted to become rich and you find a process that is somehow working a little bit. If you love that process then keep doing it, never leave it, never change it because you can use it forever. Even if it is only giving you little results, for as long as you are having fun doing it... do it forever.

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