April 27, 2017


There is nothing to be afraid of if you can still do it. Why will you be afraid of something if you can try it again?

I don't know why some superstar NBA players are afraid to take the last shot even though they have the power to do it over and over again. They can still try next time if they miss this time. No one will blame you if you're a superstar, even the coach and the president of the organization can't blame you.

You can always try next time so don't be afraid to take the risk now and give it a shot.

Sometimes you can't win on the first try, sometimes you have to try a lot of times before you become successful, that's just the part of it, maybe success is just testing you if you really deserve to win.

If you are an aspiring singer or dancer and you failed in the audition after waiting on a long line... don't lose hope, don't get discouraged, you can always do it again. Don't be afraid to lose again because you can always do it again, you can always join an audition again. Maybe next time you're going to succeed.

Most people don't want to try again after losing several times that is why they can't succeed. They easily get demotivated, they don't know that they can try again. Once you try again... the law of averages is working, every failure is counted, every failure is moving you closer to success.


If you can be happy about failing and consider it as a requirement for success then you can move on easily, your motivation will never go down. Don't consider failure as a big deal, it is nothing. It will only make your grow and stronger. Failing means winning if you keep trying. Failing means you are moving forward, it means your are progressing if you take it positively. You get something from failing and that is learning a lesson. Always be proud if you fail because it simply means you try.

I know it sounds crazy to feel happy after failing but that will separate you from others, if you are very patient and you have the ability to not give up then you will become great one day. Successful people are not born with greatness, they simply allow themselves to fail over and over again and still having that passion to try again next time.

Once you become immune to failing then you will become invincible, you will just do it no matter what, you will just try again and expect to win. And even if you fail again... you will never become disappointed anymore, failing makes you tough, it makes you emotionless, it makes you like a mad man on a mission. Nothing or no one can stop you anymore, even if your record looks so bad.. you will never quit because failing makes you so hungry for success.

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