April 02, 2017


You don't need to think about being special, you don't need to validate yourself to others if you are special or not, just produce some special numbers and you're already special.

Produce some numbers that will made you feel special. What is this special numbers all about? it has something to do with huge numbers. So if you can just produce huge numbers that not all people can do then you're something special, you're one of a kind. You don't need talent, you don't need special attributes, just produce some special numbers and they will give you attention.

If you're a basketball player and you want to become really successful then you should produce special numbers everyday so that success will be attracted to you. It is either you practice shooting the ball a thousand times a day or you practice dribbling for more than 2 hours a day. You should produce something that not anyone can do so you will standout and you can improve to a different level.

If you're a businessman and you want to become really successful you should produce some special numbers too. If you have a product and you can produce a million of it then you're already special, you will already succeed. It doesn't matter if the product is not perfect, what matters is it can help people and give them what they need. If you can produce a millions of your product then your product is already special, very simple and effective.

Life and success is a numbers game, in anything that you do, if you can produce huge numbers then your very special. Produce numbers that not all people can produce. Produce millions of push ups, thousand kilometers of running, millions of hours of practice, millions of hours of work and that's it, you will become very special, you will become very successful.

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