April 11, 2017


You have a lot of connections that is why you can't make elevations. You're always at the bottom because you're connected to a lot of things that doesn't even matter to your life, you are connected to a lot of stupid things that are making your dreams unreal.

You're connected to gossips that is only wasting your time and poisoning your mind. You know who is the latest pregnant women in town and you know who is the father, you know their story and how they did it. You know every detail of their life and those details doesn't help you but you're still interested with it. You're connected with something that doesn't even make your life better, and that is the main reason why you can't progress.

You're so connected with people that are just using you. You know they are using you, you know they will not stay with you in the end, you know they are making fun of you when you're not around but still you establish a fake relationship with them. And that is one of the biggest reasons why you are suffering, why you are having a hard time to become happy, you can't leave the poisonous people in your life. You think that you will look bad if you leave them or reject them, you think that you will not become happy living without them.

You're so connected to habits that are making life harder for you. You are using illegal drugs, you are partying without occasion, you rub elbows with people that are dysfunctional, you play games that are making you poor and broke.

If you really want to become happy then you should start disconnecting things, habits and people that will not make your dreams come true. It is hard in the beginning but it is possible. If you can just connect your life with things that are connected to your dreams then your life will become really amazing.

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