April 06, 2017


If you really believe that what you're doing is real then you will never stop doing it. If you really believe that it is going to succeed then you will keep going even if it seems like illogical to continue.

You will let it run, you will let your dreams continue. Even if sometimes thoughts of giving up is running inside of your head.. you will never stop. If it is real, it will never stop.

You will keep going even if you have no more means to keep going. If it is real then it should keep on living, it should never stop expanding, growing and evolving.

That is the basis of your dreams... faith. If your think that  your dreams are real, if you believe that it will become a reality one day then it should never stop. You should never stop working, never stop believing.

A lot of people can't get their dreams because they are always stopping. One obstacle that makes them feel bad... they will stop right away, they will look for an easier way. They always start and they always stop, the cycle never ends... they are in a rat race.

If you have a dream... make it run everyday, keep it going, never stop the momentum.. if it is real then it should not stop... even for a second.

Because that is what pursuing dream is all about... it is a non stop process, if it takes forever to get it then do it. You're already there, you already have it if you keep moving.

Another example is love, if your love is real then it will never stop. You will still love someone even if the spark and excitement isn't there anymore, you will try everything just to bring the fire back.

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