April 19, 2017


You can always find what works for you, what is the best for you and what you will do forever. You can always find it. Some people can't find what they want because they are not looking for it. They just accept what other people is giving them, they just accept that it is their fate and there is nothing they can do about it.

Sometimes you think that it is working but if you feel bad about it... it means it is not working. If you feel so stressed about it everytime you do it... it means it is not working for you. What works for you should have a lot of fun, it should be happiness and it should be the one that gives you motivation everyday.


1. You love to do it everyday. You don't want to miss doing it, not even for just a single day. It makes you energetic, it wakes up your blood, you are so excited to do it and it makes you young. It gives you the energy to keep going, time flies while you are doing it and you don't care about anything else other than it. It becomes your lifestyle, your day is not complete if you haven't do it yet.

2. It gives you the small amount of progress each day. You feel like you are growing everytime you do it, you really feel the growth even if it is just a small thing. You feel like you have a direction and you feel that you can really become big if you keep on doing it.

3. You don't need the approval of others for doing it. You just do it, you don't care if they like it or not, you do it because you love it and you honestly feel happy about it. You don't care if they are mocking you, you don't care if they are laughing at you. You just do it no matter what, you do it for the sake of pleasing yourself and not others. You don't ask for permission, you just roll with it and do it until the end of the day.

4. You don't care about the money. You don't care if there is no income for doing it, you don't care about the money because you know it will come one day. You don't care if your budget is being sacrificed for doing it, you care more about the happiness and not the money that you can get. Even if they are paying you low or nothing at all, you will still do it because you are so passionate about it.

5. You feel proud while doing it. No matter what it is... they cannot make you feel inferior for doing it, you feel so proud of it and you will not exchange it for anything. You feel so accomplished, you feel so successful for doing it.

6. You feel so special. You feel so unique, you feel so special while doing it. You feel like you're on top of the world because happiness can't be measure while doing it. You can't describe the feeling, you feel invincible and at the same time you feel like flying.

7. You can endure the adversity. Even if things get hard... you will still do it and finish it, you don't care how hard it gets, you just keep plodding and plodding until you finish something. Anything that makes it hard feels like normal to you, it feels light to do something for it, it feels effortless.

8. It's making you forget your problem. If it is guiding you in the right direction and making your mind think the right way... it is working. You forget you problems because you are so much having fun with it, you don't even know that you are sick if you are doing it, you forget that you are in a one million dollar debt. You basically feel that your problems were solved while you are doing it.


1. You don't really like it. You're just forced to do it because of money or maybe because of peer pressure. It's not working because your heart is not there, it belongs to somewhere else. You do it because you are forced to believe that it's the best thing to do, you do it to please people and to avoid being judged. It will will not work because there is no fun and love.

2. You want to finish fast. It will not work because you're already looking at the destination, you are missing a lot of things because you are not enjoying the journey, you don't trust the process. You immediately want the final result and if you don't get it... you are freaking out. You are missing a lot of things, you are missing the fun, you are missing the smallest details that is why you commit a lot of mistakes... you are taking every second for granted.  Don't rush because life is not a race, it is how you enjoy every second of movement that will make you very happy and successful. It is not about who is the first or last, it is about who wants it more and who is doing more.

3. You are not focused. If you are not focused then you are already ruining the whole thing. A small effort here and there will not get the job done. You must be focused on something if you want bigger results. If you have a laser focus then you will achieve things faster than expected.

4. You have no patience. You are willing to work hard but you are checking everyday if the results were already there, and if you don't see it... you're always thinking about quitting. You want to get what you want in your specified date, you don't want to wait any longer and that is why it is not working.

5. You are not reviving your motivation. Even if you are so passionate at something, there is a tendency that your motivation will die sooner or later. It is your duty to revive it and find ways how to become super obsessed again. Your motivation may die but it can always come back. A lot of successful people also experienced motivational breakdown but they knew how to make it stronger again so they can go back working hard again.  They keep on reviving their motivation that is why they can stick to the process until they succeed.

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