April 28, 2017


A lot of people wants to become fearless, they thought that being fearless will change their life. They thought that being fearless will set them free and they don't need to worry about anything anymore.

Come to think of it, is there really a person who is fearless? There is no such thing as a person who is fearless, there are some who pretends to be one but being fearless is just a myth. If there is someone who is fearless then that person might have a problem on his brain or something. That person might be using drugs or maybe he has a serious mental problem. Because if you are fearless, it means you are feeling nothing. Fear is one of the emotions that you must feel to bring balance into your life. If you can't feel fear then you will not feel love, courage and happiness anymore. If one of the feelings is missing then there is something wrong with you.

If fear is causing a lot of damage into your life, the best thing to do is just accept it. Accept that you are scared and every time you feel fear... just deal with it, don't try to stay away from it nor escape it. Just let it be, the more you accept it... the more it will become weak. And the more you get comfortable feeling the fear... the more you will become creative, free, loose and brave. Fear is just a feeling, it is the most important thing that you should remember. It can't kill you nor hurt you, it can just make you feel bad.

Why are you so afraid of losing? 

It is not because something bad will happen to you, it is not because you will get injured, you will get broke or something. You're just afraid of humiliation, embarrassment and critics. In other words... you are afraid of what people will say.

You're afraid to ask a girl for a date because if you got rejected people will mock you, your friends will laugh at you. You are simply afraid of emotions, you're not afraid of the girl, you're afraid of the feelings that the girl might give you.

Why are you afraid to take the last shot of the game? simply because you're afraid of your coach, you are afraid that your coach might trade you for another team or bench you the next game. You are also afraid of your teammates that might blame you because of your heroic wannabe acts. You are also afraid of the people that might criticize your decision.

Nothing will hurt you, no one can put you down, you're just afraid of what people will say. You're afraid of the emotions that you can get if you lose that is why you are so afraid to try.

In order to neutralize fear...

You can't get rid of fear, you can only neutralize it by being aware what is the cause of it. The root of fear is people. You are afraid to fail your exam not because you will repeat it again or you will take the same process again that is hard. You are afraid to fail because your parents will get mad at you, your parents will make a special sermon for you that will make your ears bleed... that is why you are so scared to death to fail.

Always remember that fear is just an emotion, all you have to do is endure it, feel it and breathe. That's it. Remember that you will not be hurt, you will not get ugly, you will only feel something weird, uncomfortable and stressful. Fear is just a feeling, feel it and it will be gone. Face it to neutralize it, don't run away from it.

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