April 28, 2017


Very simple... just commit to the journey. In anything that you are dreaming of.. once you commit to the journey then you already achieved it. Because you will get there no matter what, you will learn how to figure it out. There will be obstacles along the way, there will be a lot of challenges but that is just part of the design. You achieve your dream now if you will promise to yourself that you will get it no matter what, if you promise to yourself that you will never quit even if you die.

A lot of people can't become successful because they can't commit to the journey, they give up once the going gets hard. They change direction once they feel that they are not progressing.

Once you commit to the journey then you already won, as simple as that. Quitting is losing and continuing is winning, this is the best explanation for it. You have your dream now once you are moving, once you are doing something for it. It is just a matter of time before you get the final result.

It is like a line, once you're on the line and you travel it until the end then you're already victorious. Never break the line, just focus on your line and never look at other people's line. Because you will reach the end of the line no matter what, all you need to do is keep going and going until you reach the end of the line, very easy to do yet people can't do it because they lack patience and determination.

Once you promise yourself that you will never quit and you will dedicate your time and life for your dream then there is nothing else to talk about... you already have it.

Because it is really the journey not the destination. If I gave you a car, are you going to feel happy about it? of course yes but you will still feel incomplete, you will feel that you don't deserve it. But if you buy the car by yourself because you work hard for it... you will feel happier and satisfied, you will feel very proud. You will cherish the hard moments that you experience just to produce the money for your car.

It is not about getting it instantly, it is about working for it consistently. All day long, no days off. You already have your dream if you are working for it, it is just a matter of patiently waiting and keeping your faith alive. Your dream is already yours, no need to doubt yourself if you're going to make it. Of course you are going to make it, you will be rewarded because no effort has not been rewarded. For the record, all those who work super hard and dedicate themselves for something... they all won, they all become successful.

So be happy if you are consistently working and patiently waiting, your dreams is about to come, it can be tomorrow or next week, just don't stop working.

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