April 28, 2017


The reason why you can't be yourself is because you always take care of your identity. You think you have a big name, you think you're special and you don't want to tarnish your "legacy". The truth is... the more you take care of your name, the more you will become conservative and can't be yourself.

If you want to be free, if you want to express yourself more... don't be afraid to destroy your name because it is nothing. You think they will appreciate you more if you will not make mistake and not challenge yourself? you think they will remember your name for playing safe? No, people loves a tryer, people loves a risk taker even more.

Don't be afraid to lose, don't preserve your perfect record, don't try to maintain a perfect image because that will be the number one cause of the development of cowardice in your system.

Forget your name, think of yourself as nothing so you will be free to make mistakes and you will never get hard on yourself once you lose. Winning is important, same as losing. Losing will make you stronger, it will ignite the fire in you. Winning will make you arrogant and lazy so be happy if you are losing because it will contribute something for your development even if it is painful.


Just because you came from a rich family doesn't mean you don't need to do things that will make you look poor. Just because you came from a championship team doesn't mean you don't want to play on a lower level. Just because your daddy is a well known personality doesn't mean you can't make mistakes anymore. Your ego is stopping you from doing things that you wanted to try.

If you want to dominate the game, any competition, any field... forget your name. Sometimes, even if you haven't accomplish anything yet, even if you're just an ordinary human being... you still feel entitled of something special, you feel you need a special treatment and that is why you can't give your best, that is why you are operating on a weak level.


Your name is nothing, whether it is a big name or small name. If you keep on thinking about your name, if you keep on feeling that you're greater than anybody else... it will poisoned your mind. That kind of mindset will only make you look like a diva who can't do anything special. Your name is nothing even if you accomplished something big, even if you're a legend or something... it is still nothing because once you die... you cannot bring your big name with you. Yeah, some people may remember you but can you still feel it once you're dead?

The best thing to do is try as much as you can, don't be afraid to do things even if you think that it will give dirt to your so called "name". Don't be afraid to get dirty, a name is nothing, it is just a piece of word.

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