April 05, 2017


Forget what you did yesterday. All that happened yesterday has nothing to do with what you need to do now. Today is a brand new day, you need to work harder, move faster and make decisions smarter. Yesterday is irrelevant, it is a new journey now.

Forget that you did 1000 push ups yesterday so that you will still do it again today. Once you put in your mind that you work hard yesterday then you will never feel motivated to work hard again today. Simply because you will think that what you've done is enough to make you successful.

You will also think that you are tired and you need to take some rest today.

Forget that you become successful yesterday so you will still double your effort today. You need to maintain that hungriness in your system so that you will stay on top for a very long time.

Forget that you've earned a lot of money yesterday so you will still work hard today and earn more money. If you will think that you deserve a celebration because you've earned a lot of money then you're not on the right track. You need to work hard again today and try to beat what you've earned yesterday so that you will become rich one day and you don't need to work anymore.

Because if you will use the money that you've earned yesterday for celebrating with your friends then you will lose your momentum. Your money will evaporate and you will go back to start again, you will live in a rat race if you celebrate too early. So it is better to forget what happened yesterday and pretend that you need to earn a lot of money today.

Some people cannot sustained their success for a very long time because they thought that they were already good, they thought that the little success that they experienced will last forever so they stop working hard, they stop being disciplined.

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