April 01, 2017


The number one reason why you got broke is because you are so in love with brand names. You want to stand out and make people think that you are rich. You are so mesmerized with the popular brands and you feel popular while wearing them. But how about your bank account? is it branded too? is it popular too?

Buy a popular brand if you really can afford it, if your financial status will not be affected after buying it. But if you're just a trying hard wannabe who just wants to impress people then you're in big trouble. You will have money problems in the end. I came from the same situation before. I also feel good wearing those popular brands and criticizing people who wears ugly brands. I became broke in the end because of my arrogance.

Good thing I begin to realize that it is not with the brand, it is the confidence that you wear regardless of what brand you wear. It is how you carry your shoes, bags, clothes, cap etc. Even if you have the nicest brands in town... if you don't feel classy then you will still look like a fake scumbag.

If you're just getting confidence from the brand that you wear then you're not confident at all. What if you can't wear those brands anymore? where will you get your confidence? I am sure you will feel naked and lost.

Wear imitation if needed. If you can't afford to buy those brands then just wear imitation, there is nothing wrong with that for as long as you're taking care of your financial status very well. A man wearing a fake shoes with thousands of dollars on his bank account is much much better than a man who wear original shoes but has nothing on his bank account.

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