April 04, 2017


If you are urging for more then do more, get more and strive for more. Never stop yourself, never get satisfied. Because if you find yourself always wanting for more then you're on the right path, you're on your way to success.

It is not about being greedy or too much ambitious. It is about welcoming what is possible in your life, it is all about inviting the highest possible number or achievement that you can achieve.

Once you feel that you need more do it. Everything is helpful if your mind and body is urging for it. You will know if it is enough, you know if you need more so never deprive yourself of something that your heart is asking for.

Once you feel that you need to earn more money, do it. Once you feel that you need to train more hours... do it. Once you feel that you need to speak more, do it. Once you feel that you need to love more, do it.

If your heart is urging for more... you have to grant it because it knows what is best for you.

There is nothing wrong in wanting more and asking for more especially if your intention is positive.

You have to give yourself a chance of seeing what your life would look like if you are getting more and doing more.

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