April 11, 2017


Just focus on now, focus on what you can do now, focus on what you are feeling now and you can control the future.

If you focus on your problems now then you can solve it, your future will be nicer, nothing will give you burden, as simple as that. It's all about moving and feeling your problem, it's all about inventing a solution to your problem and testing it if it will work. If you will focus on creating solutions then you will forget your problems, it is already like the problem was solved.

If you focus on the now then you can think clearly, you can live with the moment and do what is best for your life. Don't look at the future, don't look at what might happen, just focus on what you need to do and execute right away. Things will get better if you will not rush the time, take your time because relaxing is free.

A lot of people can't control their future because they want to jump to the future right away. They don't want to undergo the process. They simply want the finished product which is a very bad thing. This kind of approach makes you unappreciative of what you have at the moment which leads to frustration and depression.

How can you focus on life, how can you experience life if you always want to jump to another time? You will miss the beauty of what is in front of you. You will miss the beauty of pain, the beauty of relaxing and the beauty of just living life.

If you feel bad now, just feel it, focus on it and you will learn that it's not that bad. Don't try to feel good right away because it will only make you feel badder.

Because there is no point in trying to control the future, really. What is the point of trying to control it if you're not yet living on it? you're living on the now and it is what you need to focus on.

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