April 07, 2017


They can tell you that you are using steroids because your muscles were growing rapidly and your performance is leveling up.. even if it is not true, don't try to defend yourself. Take it as a compliment because people around you are noticing you, they were so worried because you're outgrowing them. They were so scared because you might beat them. You are now a threat, so even if they are accusing you of false things... take it as a compliment and be happy because it means you are improving a lot.

If people are accusing you of cheating or doing some things that are illegal because your money is growing rapidly and you are getting richer and richer... don't give them any attention. They were just jealous, take it as a compliment because you are getting more successful each day. The more you become successful, the more people will pull you down and if you are getting affected with their comments... your success will likely to end. So if you want to become successful forever... never listen to the people around you whose main purpose is to give you bad emotions. Just focus on what you're doing and do what is the best thing for your life.

If they told you that your dress is ugly... take it as a compliment, if it is really ugly then why are they looking at it? they were just insecure. Just enjoy the party and have fun, remember that you are the queen of the night... no one can put you down.

Take every critics as a compliment because it means you are getting an attention, it means you are succeeding and taking control. It means something good is happening to your life so keep moving forward and never mind what they told about you.

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