April 03, 2017


Everything happens for a reason, may it be good or bad... it will push you to the top, only if your perspective is right and positive. Don't take bad things that happened seriously, it happens because there are better things that will happen, it is pushing you towards the right direction, it is pushing you to the top.

Bad things that happened will make you stronger, it will give you the knowledge you needed to become successful. So stop reacting that you're unlucky, stop thinking that you're not blessed. Any negative thoughts will only make you weaker, slower and loser.

If you have a goal on your mind and suddenly things are not going on your way... don't ever think that it is time to quit, don't ever think that it is not for you. It is just a simple challenge and if you can overcome it then things will get better again. It is just a matter if enduring, learning, growing and moving. You can learn from anything, may it be good or bad. You can always get something from it and make yourself a better person.

Good things are same as bad things, good things will push you to the top same as bad things... it will also push you to the top. Any experience that you experienced will give you a momentum, it will give you clues, it will show you the way. So just appreciate what is happening at the moment and keep taking actions. It is not your present situation that will determine your destination... it is your vision and perception.

Your job is to simply learn the lesson and keep improving everyday, keep taking small steps and be relentless in pursuing your dreams. Be fearless of any outcome because all of it has purpose in your journey, everything will push you to the top.

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