April 18, 2017


My cousin told me that driving is hard. I don't know what is his purpose for doing that, maybe he is just trying to impress me because he has been driving for so long and he wants me to respect him. But all of a sudden I lost respect in him because I found out that it is not that hard, it is hard in the beginning but if you will just take your time and relax while driving... you will not have a difficult time doing it. He is telling me a lot of techniques and different scenarios, I almost forgot all of them because they were too many. I am confused and worried because most of those stories were negative.


This thing is normal, everyone will say that it's difficult because they were so jealous that you are starting something and they are not doing anything. They will give you stupid advises, they will scare you if you let them. They will try to manipulate your mind for unknown reasons and if you are wick enough... you will believe them and be scared. And when you believe them.. that is the start of your falter, they will even feel good about themselves because you believe them and they will think that they are right.


You will feel a little resistance if you are trying something new. Of course you are not familiar with it so you will be confused, get nervous and feel anxious but when you learn to familiarize yourself with it... everything will run smoothly. Accept that it is hard in the beginning and you will be free, you will not be overwhelmed with stress, hardships and mistakes. Accept that in just a matter of time... you will improve and begin to see the path of mastery if you commit to just doing it everyday and never stop until you become familiar with it. No one who has ever started something has become good at it in just one try, even the geniuses are having a hard time in the beginning.


If you want everything to become easy then you must persevere, it is the only way, it is the surest way. Just be patient and keep moving forward even if everyone else is hating your, keep moving even if other people are not happy with you, there is no other way around. Everything else will become easy as the time goes by. Perseverance creates deliverance, you will become free if you persevere,

you will know everything, you will become good at something.

How to become courageous and forget what everyone else say

1. Don't look around. Focus on taking actions, forget where you are, who you are and what are you trying to accomplish. Just live with the moment and look for the next easiest step, look for what will make your position better and that's it. Pretend like a deaf because you don't hear what they say, pretend like a blind because you don't see the obstacles on your way.

2. Just laugh. Just laugh when you are making mistakes, laughing will make you feel invincible, laughing will give you comfort and it will make any pressure situation ease a little bit. It will remove the tension in your body, it will make you relax, it will help you remind yourself that everything is alright and there is nothing wrong in doing wrong.

3. You can be dead tomorrow. It is not about being negative but the truth is... you can sleep tonight and might not wake up tomorrow. All you can do is be happy now, enjoy now and forget what everyone else is trying to say. There is no time to waste, if you feel scared now... you should be aware of it and try your best to change your state because tomorrow is not a promise. You should feel free every second because life is supposed to be enjoyed, never focus on something that makes you feel bad.

4. Stop thinking. Just stop thinking, as simple as that. You can do it, even if there are thoughts playing inside of your head... just stop thinking. This will make you calm and it will make you go back to yourself. It will make you realize that everything is not a big deal and it doesn't matter if you are perfect or not.

5. Make every movement of your body slow. Breathe slowly, talk slowly, walk slowly, answer slowly, react slowly, make everything slow. This will make you experience life even more, this will make you very calm and collective. Run your own pace, never let them dictate your pace. Even if everyone else is getting mad.... they can't do anything if you are allowing your own speed to take care of itself. They can't control you and force you to do things that you don't like. Be slow and take your time... this will make you confident and feel yourself even more.


1. They want to look good. They want to make you feel that they know a lot and they already have a lot of experience on the same thing that you are doing. They want you to feel that they are better than you and you must follow their commands.

2. They were so full of insecurity. They also want to have what you have but they can't have it because they were so scared to try.

3. They don't want you to succeed, as simple as that. Seeing you succeeding will make them feel like a failure even more, they don't want to see you winning so they will discourage you from the very beginning. They want you to remain the same as them... a failure who can't even try.

4. They really think it's hard because they're just pessimist. Some people will say it's hard because they haven't tried anything in their life. They thought that a big dream is impossible to achieve. They think that everything is hard because they they don't want to take actions, even the easiest things... they think that it's hard.


You will discover that it's easy because you already conquered your fears, you will laugh at yourself when you remember the day that you don't want to even try. It will become very easy when you are progressing and you are managing to do it by yourself. You will even wonder why are you scared from the very beginning.

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