April 03, 2017


Just because someone leaves a hard path and go pursue an easier path doesn't mean he is a coward and not a fighter anymore. He is still a fighter because he is still fighting in life, yeah, maybe the path was easier but who cares? easy or hard path.. if you are moving then it means you're still a fighter.

Everyone is a fighter, even if someone is not doing anything in his life, for sure he wants to move, he is fighting procrastination but he just can't beat it that is why he remain a loser up to now.

Someone is fighting for his life, someone is fighting for success, someone is fighting for his family, someone is fighting for a job, someone is fighting just to have a food on the table. Everyone has his own fight so don't ever think that some people are not doing anything.

You're a fighter too, you just don't know it. You have a problem and you want to solve it, it means you are fighting yourself, it means you want to have a better life, you just can't win the battle now that is why you can't move.

Everyone in this world is a fighter, all people has his own problem. The only difference between a good fighter and a bad fighter is courage. A good fighter will never quit, he will keep fighting until the end. A bad fighter is a quitter, he will give up immediately once he feel that the challenge presented is really difficult.

So keep fighting until you win, if you have a problem in life... fight it and try to defeat it, never give up because once you quit... you will always quit, the habit will be adapted by your system so never ever entertain quitting in your life if you want to succeed.

If you want to become a good fighter... just keep fighting.

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