April 10, 2017


Even the richest works hard, they grind, they burn their eye brows, they show up everyday, they even work on sundays. So what is your excuse for being a lazy bumass good for nothing individual? what is your excuse for making an excuse? what is your excuse for being poor for the last 20 years of your life? You have the time, your means may not be complete but it is impossible that you don't have the chance to at least improve your life.

Rich people became rich because they work super hard. No secret formula, no hidden technique, they just work harder than anyone else. They don't care if they were tired, they don't care if some parts of their life is being sacrificed. They just work super hard because it is like an ordinary thing for them, it is already part of their system. They don't even feel like they're working hard, it's like a normal day for them. It feels not normal if they are not working hard. And that is the reason why they are successful, they don't waste any time, they don't take any day for granted. Every second matters to them.

And don't ever think that you need to become rich so you will not work anymore. No no no no, it doesn't work that way. Once you become rich, you need to work harder so you will be able to maintain the success that you are having.

There are some people who became rich for a while and decided to become lazy so they go back being broke again. They thought that once they made it then they can stop. Success is to be maintained, you need to maintain your effort before you became rich. You need to sustain that fire, you still need to have a burning desire.

So if you are poor and a rich person is working harder than you then you should be ashamed of yourself. You want comfort but your life is not yet comfortable. You need to work harder than the rich people so you can have what they don't have.

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