April 04, 2017


If you're looking for an easy job... you are in big trouble my friend. Because that easy job will become very hard in the long run, it will make your life miserable and plain.

Look at those office employees who have an easy job... they get small pay. They have an easy job but in the long run they get bored, they don't want to do their jobs anymore but they can't leave because they think that they can't find an easier job anymore. They are not growing, their job is very easy but they can't find the joy in it that is why they are so sick and tired of it. It is easy but they can't do it fast, they are not having fun, they were disgusted by it. They were so stressed even if the task is very easy.

You need a real challenge in life, you need to challenge your self because challenging activities is more fun than the easiest activities. You can dominate in easy activities but in the long run, you don't know anymore why are you still doing it. The love will go, you will become very bored doing it.

The conclusion is... if you don't want to do difficult things then your life will become boring and hard but if you want to do difficult things then your life will become happier and easy.

So don't be tricked by easy things, easy money and easy job. It is not very good in the long run, it is fun in the beginning but it will not give you the right emotions in the end. You will lose your motivation, you will have a hard time doing it even if it is easy. You will feel stupid, you will not feel any progress and growth.

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