April 26, 2017


Maybe you're not dreaming the right dream that is why you can't get your dream. Maybe you're dreaming so high but you're working so low. There is nothing wrong with dreaming so high but your effort should be congruent to your dreams.

Stop dreaming about dating a celebrity or marrying a very popular and hot woman. Again there is nothing wrong with that if you have the means to get that type of woman. Are you rich? is your lifestyle congruent with her lifestyle? Do you have what it takes to get her attention? What you need to do is dream about getting rich so you will have the chance to talk to a celebrity once you're a millionaire. That is the right way of dreaming.... dreaming about the means to get that big dream. You should dream about realistic dreams. And don't ever dream about being a millionaire yet... not so fast, you should dream about how to get a business or work that will make you a millionaire. You must have a game plan. It is like dissecting everything and putting yourself in the best position where you can make all your dreams come true... and that is by getting the nearest dream to you. That is by doing the most realistic thing that you can do and become bigger and bigger everyday.

You are dreaming about a car, a nice and fancy car but you don't know how to get that car. Again, you're dreaming the wrong way again. You must dream first about how to get money to get the car of your dreams. Dream about the steps on how to get that car. Dream about working hard and taking small steps each day to save money for that car. Dream about working hard, dream about outworking everyone. Once you got that momentum of getting pretty decent money then you already have the right to dream about that car. Again, there is nothing wrong about dreaming big but you must also be realistic, you must do something to get it and not just dream about it.

Because you're just wasting your precious time dreaming about something, you could have use those time for working and making a little progress. Dreaming is useless if you are not doing something to get it. You will be dreaming forever if you will just lie on your bed and be satisfied by just thinking about it.

Stop dreaming about being popular if all you can think about is the audience that are clapping and asking for your autograph. You must dream about the hardships, the massive amount of work, the adversities that you must beat in order to arrive on that big stage. Everyone wants to become popular but they are not willing to take risks, they are not willing to suffer for that popularity. You must dream about taking actions, dream about having a strong confidence that no matter what happens... you will get that status that you are dreaming about for a long time. Dream about the heartaches, the stress, the process. Don't dream about the easy path to the top, dream about persevering and making it little by little.


1. Never dream about things or people or money or status if you are not willing to take sacrifices on how to get those dreams. If you are not willing to take actions then don't dream at all because you're wasting your time, you will only dream forever.

2. Dream little then make it big. Don't just dream big and be overwhelmed on how to get it, dream about little things and then try to make it as big as you can. Dream about the process, dream about having a little bit momentum and then try to make that momentum stronger each day. Make it a snowball effect, make it roll and be consistent in taking actions.

3. Dream about what you really want. Don't dream about something because everyone wants it. There is a right dream waiting for you, listen to your heart. Feel if you really want it, is it congruent to your personality and passion? You will get your dreams faster than expected if you really want it and you are willing to die for it.

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