April 27, 2017


They say that if it doesn't feel good then it's not right, it's not the right path but not in all cases. Sometimes you have to feel bad first before feeling good.

Sometimes you are scared of trying it so you will follow your instincts and never try. But after not trying... do you still feel good?, you have regrets right? you are thinking what could have happened if you try. It only means that not all the time you will feel good, sometimes you have to embrace feeling bad so you can feel good later.

It feels bad to work out now because you're so tired but when the day ends... you still feel bad because you break your streak of working out, you go back to being lazy and that gives you regrets, it makes you scared because you are thinking about what if you go back being lazy again permanently and you can't go back on the right track anymore.

If you feel bad now, don't worry because you will feel good later. You must take actions, you must know what will happen if you try.

You are scared to ask your crush for a date, you feel bad, you are sweating, you are nervous, you feel like the whole world will laugh at you if you get rejected. Don't worry because if you do it and your crush says yes then you will feel like you're a winner in lottery, you will feel like you're the happiest man in the world. If she says no then be happy because at least you know the answer, it is still a good feeling than wondering what her answer would be. Not asking and not doing still feels badder than getting rejected. You will also feel good because you defeat your fears, it is a good consolation prize, you are getting tougher and tougher each day, your face is getting thicker. Next time, you will not be afraid to ask a girl anymore for a date, how good was that?

Deal with your problems now, it feels bad but the moment you start taking actions and somehow produce positive little results... you will eventually feel better. You will feel good, you will feel that the thorn in your throat is removed.

Waking up early feels bad if you will go to office or school, you want to sleep more, you want to feel good before you stand up. Don't you know that feeling bad will only last 5 minutes, once you surpass that 5 minutes of feeling bad then you're already good to go. 5 minutes is very short, it is not a lifetime, endure that 5 minutes and you will feel better, you will feel energized and motivated, you are ready to rock and roll.

If you want to thrive in life then don't be fooled by your emotions. Don't let emotions serve as your guide, sometimes you need to feel bad in order to feel good. It is better to feel bad now than to feel badder later.

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