April 14, 2017


A lot of you folks wanted to be a hero, a lot of you want to save other people's lives but the truth is you can't even save your own life. How dummy was that.

Don't try to act like you're the savior of humanity if your life is full of tragedy.

You will lend someone some money even if that person is not that close to you just to avoid being called selfish and bad. You want to look kind and heroic even if it will affect the life of your family. Your budget will be ruined, you don't know where to get a food tomorrow but you still lend someone money. That was a stupid move on your part, if you will help someone and your life will be affected then how can your life improve in the long run. You have to think smarter than that. And the truth is... that person you help is not even helping himself, he's is a complete bum trying to outsmart other people by begging and asking for help, he is not even pushing himself to the limits.

You have to help yourself first before helping someone. It is not about being selfish, it is about preparing yourself to succeed so when the time comes that you must help someone who is deserving... you can help him without your life being affected.

And sometimes when you helped someone do you really feel good? I know there is a little bit regret on your part because you know that your life is shaken a little bit, you know that you are worrying a little bit because you don't know if your money will still come back.

Help someone if you have the means to help, if you will not worry if the money will still come back. But if it is affecting you and just stressing you... then don't help at all, as simple as that.

Another example is doing someone a favor. Giving them a helping hand even if they can do it on their own. Sometimes you will act like  a "yes man" just to look nice again. But how about your schedule? I know it is affected, I know it is distracted. If you can say no then say it. If you can't say no then say it still. Don't feel so bad for rejecting somebody because it is still your choice, it is your life, do what you think is the best for your life. If not helping someone will put you in a better position then do it.

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