April 04, 2017


You need every second of your life to become successful, you need every second to make yourself better, stronger and smarter. You have to be selfish with your time, you have to own it all, never give any seconds of your life to useless activities, never spend your time with useless people that will not even contribute to your growth.

For every second that you wasted for useless activities... you move one step backward, you are moving away from your dreams. You are destroying your own life, maybe you don't know it yet but you will know it in the end.

Stop watching stupid videos on you tube that will not even contribute to your well being. You think that you are just watching it for a few seconds but your seconds becomes minutes and hours and days. You are little by little getting addicted with nonsense information that will make your brain crowded and poisoned.

Stop giving seconds to people who is just hurting you. You still talk to them, party with them, play with them but deep inside you don't want to be them because they are not treating you right. It is time to make a stand and own your time, never give it to other people who will just pull you down and make you feel bad.

Every second of your life can be use for more productive and happier activities. You must choose very well what kind of people and activities are you going to give your time. You know what is better for you but you are not doing it. You think you have a lot of time, wait for a few more years and you will know what I mean, you will regret all the time you've wasted for people and activities that didn't made you a better person.

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