April 03, 2017


How many of you are asking successful people how they do it and after you received the answers you will still do nothing?

The rich man already gave you the answer after asking him how did he become rich, he already stated you the basic facts, when and how to start, what are you going to do when this thing happens or that thing happens etc etc. He already gave you every possible answer that he can give yet you are still looking for an answer that will make you move.

You don't believe it? or you are just making an excuse to avoid taking actions? what is the truth behind your pussy acts?

You already gathered a lot of data, facts and information on how to become successful yet you still pretend to be blind and prevent yourself from moving. I don't know what is wrong with you, or maybe you just need to take a severe beating so that you will wake up and pursue your dreams.

You're asking a lot of questions and when you received the answer, you will not execute it. Don't ask someone how he do it if you're not going to do it, you're just wasting somebody's time.

Maybe it is better if you will not ask questions from someone and do it yourself, maybe it is better if you will do it your way. Because you're only fooling yourself, you're pretending that you want to learn something but you will not do it even if you gathered some important information.

What successful people told you are all facts, successful people will never lie to you because they want to share success. It is your execution that is missing, the truth is you don't even need to ask them if you are willing to take massive actions.

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