April 27, 2017


Even if you love something so bad, sometimes the passion will die, the passion will become weak and you will think of doing something else. This is completely normal, you can't be passionate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you're just a human being and you need to take a break, you need balance, sometimes all you need is rest and everything will become normal again. Sometimes, you just need to remove the toxins, stress and bad energies in your body to come back stronger than ever.

Passion dies, passion can go away but it can always come back. All you need to do is do it again, do it even if you feel tired, do it even if you don't feel like doing it. Humans has roller coaster of emotions, sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are not. The key here is... don't make it a big deal if you feel bad because it is completely normal. Don't dwell on things that are not making you happy because it will only make you go crazy. Just do what you love even if you don't love it for the moment. Your passion will come back if you keep moving even if you feel so lazy.

Successful people are successful because they keep moving even if they don't want to. You think they have a lot of passion but the truth is not, they also feel the same as yours, the only difference is they can make their passion and excitement come back again because they always move, they never get complacent. They find ways how to enjoy what they are doing, they can move even if they are sick, tired or unmotivated. They never make excuses to avoid moving, they were always in motion, they were obsessed of movement.

Successful people also feel sick and tired of what they are doing but they keep doing it until their passion comes back. Unlike mediocre people who keeps on quitting, successful people never leave something if it is not yet successful. They make sure that they make something whether it is a business or small project successful before they leave it. They stick with the process for a very long time, they never give up until they win and that makes them a real winner.

So if you feel tired or unmotivated... just do it, do it even if you're slow or lazy. Do it until the love comes back because for sure it will. Do it and you will find the energy to do it. All you need is to forge a little momentum until you find your rhythm.


1. Fatigue. Your're just a human, you can feel bad sometimes, you can feel lazy so don't curse yourself if you feel lazy. Don't feel bad if you are feeling bad. Just stay with that feeling but keep moving. You will become motivated once you are taking actions, you can never feel motivated if you are always sleeping and not doing anything.

2. The results were not showing yet. A lot of people were only passionate in the beginning, they were so excited, they think they can make it in one month or one week but when the results are not showing yet.... their passion dies, they will quit and they will make excuses. If you want your passion to stay longer... NEVER LOOK FOR RESULTS, just keep moving and enjoy the process.

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