April 27, 2017


If you don't know what process to use, if you don't know how to do the process then you still have one option... do it the old school way.

Admit it, you can't know everything, there are some times when you will be left behind. There are times when you feel stupid and ignorant, but it's ok. Even if you don't know anything, you can still do it the old school way. And there is nothing wrong about that, yeah you may look corny, outdated and funny but the point here is...you are also doing it and you are making results.

Body building now is so technical, it is very scientific, there are millions of methods, there are shortcuts and easy way out. There are steroids and needles that will make your work easy but don't be fooled by those weak stuffs, it will make you look like a loser in the end, it will come back to your body, you will be dependent from those things, if you can't use it anymore... where will you go?

If you don't know anything about body building then do the old school way. PUSH UPS, do push ups as many as you can and that's it. It is very natural, you will gain results for sure and the work ethic will be build which is very important if you want to become successful. You don't need to buy protein shakes that costs a lot of money, you don't need to enroll in a gym, just do push ups... you will become stronger, you will become bulkier.

If you want to date a hot chick and you're just a typical nerd who's still a virgin for 25 years... again, do it the old school way. If you don't know what chicks love nowadays because a lot of them were gold diggers and social climbers... just send them roses or give it in personal to them. Do it the old school way, write a card, write a love letter. You may fail but at least you do something, the old school way is still effective. You can still make a chick blush once you gave her roses.

Same as running a business, if you're not educated enough about business and you don't know the technical stuffs and you want your business to survive... do it the old school way, work super hard, outwork everyone. You may not become successful but if you work super hard then for sure you will get some results. You will be able to survive your business or even make it very successful. GRIND... as simple as that, do something that will make your business earn something. Even if it is making a little impact... do it.

Any old school technique is still working, it is very simple, practical and requires no complexity. You will just do it, you will just implement what you know, give your best and wait for results to come. Very simple, basic and effective, everybody can go old school. Even the new school are using the old school.

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