April 27, 2017


How long should you work to become successful? I don't know, if you need to do it forever then do it, as simple as that. If it takes lifetime to become successful then do it, give your life to something that you are doing. Dedicate your life, go all out. Don't try something if you're half committed, go all out.

Because the only way to know the answer is to do it forever. It is the only way to know if you're going to become successful or not. A lot of people quits before they even reach the final stage, they're almost there but because of frustration and lack of patience... they never succeed, they gave up and that is why their lives is full of regrets.

And if you're not going to do it forever, what else will you do? work for some other people that doesn't even care about your dreams? work for some mediocre individuals that thinks they're better than you? they will not treat you right, they will even make you feel bad.

If it takes forever then do it, give everything you've got, that is the only way to become happy and satisfied, that is the only way to live without regrets. Because if you don't live for something then you will die for nothing.

People who dedicated their lives for something are happier, it is because they knew their lives were not wasted. They knew that they live a special life even if it is hard and full of trials and tribulations. They were proud of their lives because they knew they follow their own path and they didn't just follow orders from other people.


If you can motivate yourself everyday then you can do it forever. Give hope to yourself, make yourself believe that you are going to succeed... that is how to do it. Never entertain thoughts that will only make you weak. Never entertain words from other people that will demotivate you, isolate yourself if you needed to. The rule is... if something is making you weak, get rid of it... as soon as possible. It is easy to find motivation, just go to you tube and watch motivational videos, just watch 2 or three. And after watching it... move right away even if you are not yet fully motivated, just move even if you still feel bad. Because sometimes motivation is addictive, you want to watch a lot of it and that will also be the number one reason of procrastination.


You just need to find the reason why you are doing it, force yourself to enjoy it... it is possible, it is all about manipulating your mind. Make yourself believe that you love what you're doing, as simple as that. Make yourself believe that there is a silver lining, make yourself believe that there is a huge success at the end of the tunnel. Keep climbing, keep reaching for your dreams. It is easy if you will enjoy every step that you make.

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