April 09, 2017


If you can't find an opportunity then it only means one thing... you should create your own opportunity. It is what it is, if the world can't give you opportunity then it simply means that you are responsible for your own life, it means that you should be the one to create your future and no one else.

If one door closes at you, knock on another door. If that another door closes at you again then it is time for you to create your own door. Because nobody wants to give you an opportunity, what other choice do you have? If you will just sit there and do nothing then you will get nothing, people will treat you like a garbage... a useless garbage, do you like that?

Whether it is about business, self employment, arts, wanting to be an artist, wanting to be popular, sports etc... create your own opportunity if they can't give it to you. You can give it to yourself, you can have it, you may not have it right away but for sure you will have it. It is an endless trial and error method and keeping the facts that gives you results or at least a little bit of a momentum.

You can execute any step, you can try any process. It is up to you, you have the strength, You can think right, you can read and write. There is no excuse for not making a result.

It is just a matter of acting like you don't fear anything and you are willing to try everything. Act like you already have it, act like you have what it takes to win and your body and mind will follow to your desire.

If you will not create your own opportunity then you will remain the same person as yesterday waiting for an opportunity that will never come, you will wait forever. Your story will be like a princess that was trap in a castle forever, she is waiting for her prince charming but no one will arrive.

You will grow old and no one will support you. You have to act now and try everything that you can think of. Anything that comes to your mind.... try it.

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