April 17, 2017


You are competing with others that is why you can't win, you are always comparing yourself to others, you don't believe in yourself. You don't know that you don't need to compete with them because it's just a waste of time, it will only make you weak, unfocused and not serious to what you're doing. If you're really serious in your own brand, craft, goal or project then you must have no time watching other people in the same field as yours. You must have a laser focus so that your progress will continue to go faster and stronger.


It doesn't matter if they are doing good and you're not, it doesn't matter if they have a big lead at you. You can still win if they are doing better than you. Is knowing their status gonna make you better? is knowing what they are doing going to make you stronger, smarter or more disciplined? And even if they fail, is that happening going to make a difference? Never concern yourself if someone is winning or not because it will not even contribute to your growth, nothing will happen to you even if you know it.


1. It builds insecurity. You will feel insecure especially if you know that someone is doing better than you. You will feel jealous, you will feel that someone is more special than you which is not true. Especially if the people were hyping the other person and you are not getting an equal attention. You will just feel bad and unmotivated so stop competing with others and just do your own thing.

2. It destroys your confidence. It destroys your confidence in a way that you know them more than you know yourself. You know a lot about them, you don't even know what your status is, how much growth you accumulate and where are you headed to. You will lose confidence because you are not interested anymore with yourself, you are more interested with other people's stories.

3. It's a total waste of time. The time you use for seeing if someone is doing better could have been use to make yourself better. You don't know that you are wasting a lot of time and energy spying to other people's life, training and status. Remember that every second matters and you cannot afford to lose a lot if you really want to go to the top. Use your time wisely, stop that insecurity.

4. It will only add pressure to you. If you know that you're behind.. you will feel more pressure because you want to get the lead back. You will lose your focus, again your focus will go to other people and not to yourself. You will not be yourself, you will become desperate, you will hurry that will make you commit errors and mistakes.

5. You will become arrogant. If you know that you are ahead of others... you will become arrogant because you will feel that you are a lot better than them which is not true. Being arrogant will make you lazy, it will poisoned your mind. You will stop working hard, you will start to build ugly habits that will slow you down. You will feel invincible in a wrong way.

6. Your pride will be stamped on. Once they learned that you are competing with them and they are so ahead of you... you're in big trouble, they will mock you and humiliate you. Your pride will be torn because you will feel so bad. You would love to make a revenge but you can't because your mind is so poisoned, it is not wired to become successful anymore. It is full of greed and ego.

7. You're not living your life anymore. You are not being yourself anymore, your happiness is based on their weakness. You cannot be happy if you are not winning, you are doing some other things that are not needed just to prove them that you are the greatest. It is an ugly life because any actions they execute... you want to know it, you can't even sleep in peace because you are thinking of other people a lot.

8. You will look like a dumb. You will look like a fool or a dumb because you are competing with other people even though they are not competing with you. You are celebrating for something that doesn't even exist from the very beginning. You will not look natural, you will look like a fake winner.

9. You will forget your real purpose in life. You are too busy on spying on someone's life. You forgot that your real purpose in life is to simply do what you love and be happy with it. If you always compete with others then you are not enjoying your own work anymore because you need to see other's work first and once you see that you are better than them then that is the only time you will become happy, your happiness is to shaky, you don't know who you are anymore.



Whether he is your enemy, opponent or a nemesis... be happy for him if he is winning. This kind of approach will make yourself free from competition that is not needed. You will have more freedom, you will become yourself even more. You will not feel bad if you are losing. In other words, you are enjoying your life even more. If you can't be happy for someone then just shut up and don't say anything bad, just focus on your own thing and try to win in your life too.


This is a style of weak people, if you are truly great then you will not hope for someone's failure. You will not get insecure with someone because you know you can also win by yourself. Hoping for someone's falter will make you a failure too because you will be focused on failing. You are happier if someone is failing, this will put you on a loser's grid. Your mind will be wired for failure and not for success. Hoping for someone's failure will only make you look like a loser. Your words and actions will be all about losing and the funny thing is... you are not aware of it.


This is the best way to make yourself a winner... compete with yourself. Beat your records yesterday, study yourself if you are not doing well or not. Always make it a point to give your best, make your effort now stronger than yesterday. This is the fastest way to succeed. Because the truth is... the only competition is yourself. If you can beat your inner demons, if you can discipline yourself to focus on getting better each day then you're already a winner.

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