April 03, 2017


I've been doing burpees for almost 3 years and it never failed me even for once. It always make me strong, it keeps me in shape, it gives me explosiveness, endurance and mental toughness that I need in everyday life.

Burpees is an exercise that you must master if you want to always stay in shape. It is the most complete and simple exercise. It has push up, squat, jumping and sprawling. I can't explain it step by step so just watch it on you tube and search "burpees".

It is hard but once you enjoy it... you will feel really great, while you are doing it you will feel like your lungs is going to explode. Your knees will shake a little bit but you will feel super light after doing it, it feels like a lot of fats were burned in your body.

Do at least 100 a day if you're a beginner, do it for one straight month and you will see a every evident change in your body. You will feel stronger, faster and happier. And when you're comfortable with 100, try adding 50 for the next month, try to add as much as you can so you will see incredible results.

Burpees is brutal and painful but the number one rule in fitness is... the more you feel pain, the more it is effective. So never look for an easy way out, never buy any product that promises you 15 minute abs. All of those products were bullshits. If you want something you have to sweat for it and dedicate your time into it.

So if you;re just planning to make your body great then I recommend burpees for you. It is very simple and you can do it anytime, anywhere, you can even do it in your office. It is very easy to learn, all you need is consistency and endurance to face the pain.

The key to make burpees successful is numbers. Make burpees as many as you can and you will able to see results faster than expected.

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