April 02, 2017


You have to believe that you're already winning so that you can really become successful.

You already have a momentum yet you still think of some negative things, you are still doubting yourself. What kind of thinking was that?

You are already working, you already have the job, yeah maybe you're still on a 6 month probation and if you didn't do well then they will let you go. But don't ever think of not being a regular employee, you're already working and the things that you must focus upon is giving your best everyday. You're already winning, you're already being paid so you must keep the winning streak alive, believe that you're already there, believe that they will regularized you.

Stop acting like humble and pretending that you just got lucky. If you have a strong momentum on your side then you need to be a little bit greedy. You need to ask for more and expect for more. Be appreciative of everything and never feel bad if you didn't get what you are asking.

Believe that you are growing and your situation is getting better and better each day. If you will not think that you are getting successful then you will not be able to taste the real success.

Because having the feeling of winning will make you a real winner. The good opportunities will manifest to you. You will see the better opportunities, you will grab every one of them.

It is better to believe that you're winning than to believe that you're losing, as simple as that. having the good feelings is the key to manifestation.

If you always think about winning rather than losing then you will have a very good body language, you will become more motivated to take actions and become hopeful everyday.

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