April 26, 2017


They will say that you are wrong, it is wrong and you are not doing the right thing. But what if you are doing right, it just happens that yours is a different version?

A lot of people were not open minded, they are not welcoming any other ideas, techniques or process if it looks new to them or if it is not what they usually do or know. They will tell you that you are wrong even if what you're doing is also working. They will judge you, criticize you because they think that they are the only ones who are right.

If it is working then it is right, as simple as that. There is no right or wrong for as long as it is giving you results. What you are doing is just another version, it can look weird or odd but if it is giving you results then keep doing it because it is the right path for you. It is not that you are pretending to be smart or knows a lot, you are just following your heart and instincts... there is nothing wrong with that.

The good thing about life is... you can be super creative, you can do it your way, you are free to choose what methods, version, techniques you like. You have the option to choose what option is the best and feels good for you. Stop listening to what other people say, don't do something that feels bad to you. Just follow your heart and everything will be alright. Keep doing your thing because it is the right thing, if you do it your way then it is the right way.

You can play a music in your own version, some people may say that you are wrong but the truth is... you just want to play it differently. If you're still in the perfect timing then you're not wrong. You're just doing your own version and there is nothing wrong with it. You can play a music different than the original because that is how you play, there is nothing wrong with you, just keep playing and enjoy your own version.

Some people may judge you, some people may laugh at you but never mind them, they were just jealous because they were so plain and boring. They were perfectionist that is why their lives were not perfect. They can't even produce a version of their own, they were so hooked up with following the trend, they can't do it their way because they were so scared of being judged by judgemental people like them.

So don't be scared to do your own version, don't be scared to look different. If it feels good then it is always right. Just keep playing, keep using your own technique, keep using your own rhythm. You can be successful inventing your own process, you can thrive by simply improvising and following your heart. Forget fitting in, forget what people say because you are the only one who knows what is right for you.

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