April 15, 2017


Decide now if you are going to be a good example or a bad warning. Either of the two will help everyone and give them the proper inputs on what to do with their lives, you are giving them an information by the person that you've become the only difference is... you can give them inputs by your failure or success.

Are you a bad warning? are you making other people aware that it is bad to do such things and never copy the bad habits that you have? are you making people scared to copy the decisions and actions that you did from the past? there is nothing wrong with your past mistakes, the funny thing is.. you're guiding them through your shortcomings and miserable life. You're a perfect example of how a life could be so ugly if they did the same thing as yours.

People like addicts, gamblers, criminals, lazy, spoiled brats, heavy drinkers, excuse makers.... these are bad warnings. The good thing is they are showing what life will be if some people follow their path. They were broke, jailed, miserable and not happy in  life. So if you want an ugly and depressed life... follow them, as simple as that.

Or do you want to be a good example or a role model? do you want people to follow you and make you as their guide to success? It is very easy... just work hard and give your best, stay consistent and persistent, as simple as that. I don't know why a lot of people are having a hard time living. Life is very simple if you will just stick with the process, be patient and always stay positive.

People were good in destroying their own life, they were good in making excuses, they were good in doing things that will make them broke.

Check yourself where you are headed to. Are becoming a bad warning or a good example?

Be honest, you know who you are. If you have children, do you want them to be like you? do you want other people to copy your path for their own success? or do you want them to make you as a warning to not do the same stupid mistakes that you did?

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