April 05, 2017


Anger is a bad investment because you are the one who gets burned and not the person whom you want to have a revenge. If you are angry towards a person or something... you will never become happy, you will never become successful because all you have is hate. Anger is a bad investment because your mind will always think about negative things, and by doing that... all of your decisions will always go wrong, you will not be able to think correctly because something is always bothering you.

It feels like there is a big blockage on your chest and you can't even breathe.. that is what anger can give you. It can make you weak and sick, you will not be able to move fast, you will feel like you're trapped in a bad trance and you hear a music that is poisonous and weakening your soul.

Invest in good emotions and not on anger. If you can just forget the bad things that happened to you from the past then you will have a really good life. You will feel free, you will feel like the chains wrapped in your hands were no longer there, your chest will become lighter because you can breathe freely, you will really feel good and happy.

Anger is only making you slow, it is poisoning your mind and make you do things that you really don't want. You want to make a revenge but the plan backfires at you because you don't have a peace of mind. You are the one who gets burned, you are wasting your time thinking about people that doesn't even matter to your life.

Replace all the ill will inside of your head with positivity to attract positive things in life, your life will change dramatically if you will set yourself free from anger and resentment. Anger will make you poor, it will make your life miserable.

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