April 28, 2017


You still have the last card so use it, never hide it, never become conservative, use your last card even if it will create a big damage to your life. Because if you will not use it... you will wonder forever what could happen if you use it. Kill regrets by using your last card.

Sometimes in order for something to succeed... life will ask you to use your last card. For example, your business is slowly failing, you can't smell success unless you use your last money, energy and time for it. It is like going all in, it doesn't matter if you go broke, become a beggar or look like a loser... you need to use your last card because it maybe the key to success.

A lot of successful people has to use their last card in order to become successful. They need to sell their house, sell all of their assets just to continue pursuing their dream. They treat their situation like all or nothing, they rather lose everything than to not get everything... they want to win big time, they can't accept a mediocre success. They will use all of their energy just to succeed.

If you still have something left in your body, whether it is the last penny, last effort, last ounce of energy or last idea... use it. It may work, even if it don't work... at least you've given everything you've got, at least you will not regret giving your all in the end.

Because the last card is always working, sometimes the universe is just testing you. It is testing your endurance and faith, it is challenging you to give your all so you will get everything you want.

And the truth is... there is always another card after the last card. You think it is your last card? no, you just think that it is the last because you're so tired, frustrated and hopeless.

There will always be another card, there will always be another way. Greatness will find a way, if you really wanted to succeed then you will try again after using the "last card" that you think. You will even create your own card even if it is a fake card.

A lot of people think that they already give everything for their dream and it is already time to quit. That is why they can't become successful, that is why they remain the same and not progressing. Never think that you already give everything you can because you can always give something for your dream. What you can give will never ran out, that this the sad reality for people who wanted to quit.

You can always do something, you're just afraid to do it. Or maybe you're just lazy to do it. You can always think of something to do. Always use your body and mind, never hold back and let go. Forget what may happen, just set yourself free. That is what life is all about, it is about feeling free to do anything and hoping for the best.

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