April 09, 2017


Always aim to be productive so that you will go far in life, if you are always aiming to produce something instead of producing a masterpiece then you will achieve extraordinary things in life.

Always aiming to be perfect will make you stuck, it will make you hesitant, it will make you care so much about what people might say. That kind of approach will make you a failure because you will always think about trying to be perfect instead of executing actions. The conclusion is... you will produce nothing, your production is zero.

The truth is... the more you produce something, the closer you are to being perfect. You will become better and better each time you produce something. Rather than trying to become perfect.. all you will have is plans, doubts and fears.

If you want to produce a lot then you should take actions right away, don't let the fear grow bigger because of inaction and hesitancy. Just do it, just create it, just push it and let results take care of itself.

If you are in a productive state then you will always manufacture a momentum that will put you in a better situation to succeed. If you are in a planning mode then all you will have is problems, worries and regrets. Nothing good will happen to your life, you will become older and older achieving nothing.

So produce something even if you think that you are not ready or prepared, just produce something so you will get something, as simple as that.

Even if you think that it is wrong, if you will keep on moving and stay committed to becoming successful then you will make it right in the end.

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