April 26, 2017


Luck is not elusive, it will come to you if you have the proper perspective and discipline in life. Luck can come to anyone, it is not for a chosen few. It can come to you now if you will do the right things in life. Luck is for everyone but you have to make the right decisions first and implement the proper mindset before it come to you.

1. WORK HARD - the harder you work the more you become lucky. A lot of people can't become lucky because they are not working hard. It is scientific, it is not a superstitious or something. The more you work hard, the more you see opportunities, the more you try and the more chances of winning. It is like using the law of averages. Produce, try, create, work as much as you can and you will see that sometimes you will be the one who gets picked, given a chance and blessed by opportunities. It is simply because you are always there, you are always active and you never miss a single day of performing, working and looking for opportunities. Grind and grind until you find.

Look at those people who are lazy... they are not getting lucky, they are even using luck as an excuse to excuse themselves from working. They will say that "I want to find work, it's just that I am not lucky in that field." What a stupid and weak excuse. Work hard now and wait for the opportunities to come to you naturally, you will be appreciated by people around you. The universe will reward you, all efforts were not wasted. Just keep working and working and get lucky.

2. DON'T BELIEVE IN LUCK - If you want to become lucky then don't ever believe in luck. Because if you do so... you will not work hard, you will just join some stupid lottery games or just ask for help from someone. You will become dependent, you would wish to become lucky so that you can avoid working hard. Those people who believe in luck are lazy and broke, they never believe that they can change their fate by simply working hard. They love gambling, easy money and instant rewards. They can't commit to something that is why they don't have a permanent job or stable life.

If you want to become lucky then stop believing in luck and create your own luck by consistent work and pure hard work.

3. NEVER QUIT - You will never become lucky of you will quit because those who become lucky has fight until the end. They don't care if bad luck keeps coming into their life. They knew that they can become lucky one day if they keep persevering and working hard even if the results were not showing. Don't quit because one day you will become lucky.

4. WORK EVEN IF THE WEATHER IS BAD. Just make sure that your life is not in danger. Make sure that you are still alive after working. Most people will not work if the weather is bad because they were so full of shit and excuses, they don't want their shoes to get dirty. If you work while the weather is bad then you already have an advantage. You will gain more experience, your determination will become stronger, your mental toughness will level up and most of all... the opportunity will be given to you because most people are absent. You are the only option, people will see you, people will praise you because of your determination.

5. TRY EVEN THE BADDEST OPTION. If you don't know what to do anymore then it is time to hold the knife and keep hanging on. Try the baddest option if it is the only option remaining. It is time to get lucky, you never know.... that option maybe the best for you. Don't be afraid to try the baddest option because it is still an option. Even if it is obvious that it will not succeed... try it. A lot of people got lucky because they were not afraid to try every last option remaining, they have the mindset of try and try until you succeed.

6. DON'T THINK ABOUT LOSING. Luck is only in the mind. If you are always thinking about losing then your body language will change, you will not be able to think of some ways to succeed. Your motivation will go down and that is a very bad thing. Instead of thinking about losing, just think about winning and your percentage of succeeding will go high. Always think positive, that is the key.

7. PUSH EVEN IF IT HURTS SO BAD. I know you are drained mentally and physically but there is something that you can't explain if you keep on pushing. The doors will open, the opportunities will start to reveal itself. I don't know but the universe love it when you are suffering and still grinding. It will give you unexpected opportunities. Increase your endurance and work until the end, never mind getting slow... just move and take baby steps until you succeed.


1. They are always complaining, their minds were consumed by negativity that is why they can't think of some solutions to succeed. They blame the government, the people around them, the economy, the traffic etc. They can't even see the free taste of food in front of them because they were mad as hell.

2. They are not moving. They are lazy, they keep watching tv, play video games, partying etc. They don't want to move that is why they can't see any opportunity that is very near to them. They even want to talk about gossips rather than finding ways how to make their lives better.

3. They want instant pleasures. They will choose having a good time rather than choosing hardships for the betterment of their future. They will spend their money for useless things, they will spend their time entertaining themselves rather than using it for a more purposeful activity.

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