April 04, 2017


1. Is never afraid to stand alone. A real strong person will never be afraid if the world is against him. If he knows that he is right then will stand for what he believe in. He will never change his mind, he will keep going no matter what. He knew that there is a sliver lining in the end if he persevere. He will never follow someone who he thinks is no better than him.

2. Very patient and can wait for a very long time. A strong person can wait for a very long time, he never get tired of waiting. He can even wait forever. He believe in his beliefs. He knew that he is only being tested and all he need is to make his faith stronger and success will surely come.

3. Never get involve in a nonsense arguments. It's not that he is afraid, he just want to stay away from trouble because his focus is to make his life better. He doesn't mind looking scared for as long as he is doing his thing. He never let useless things derail his progress. He knows what he wants and being in an argument is none of them.

4. Can make a strong comeback. A strong person can make a very strong comeback once he fail, he never get discouraged. He can find that motivation to comeback stronger and better than before. He never let a single setback define his legacy. Once he lost, he is eager to make a comeback right away. He never waste time, he doesn't let depression control his life.

5. Focus on himself. He never compare himself to anyone. He is simply focused on making his life better. He doesn't even care if someone is doing better than him, he is simply focused on his own success. He doesn't mind the success of other people because he knew that giving attention to other people will only slow down his journey.

6. Not afraid to admit his mistakes. He is not afraid to say sorry or apologize to anyone that got hurt because of his actions. He is not afraid to swallow his pride and take full responsibility of his own mistakes and do the necessary adjustments.

7. Never worry. He is always positive even if something is going wrong. He is always relaxed because he knew he can overcome any adversity.

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