April 04, 2017


1. Don't hype yourself. Never tell them that you're good so they won't expect anything from you, if you are hyping yourself a lot then all eyes will be placed upon you, it is better to surprise them than to let them expect because if you can't perform at your highest level then you will feel a lot of pressure. You will never be able to perform really good and give your best if they are guarding all of your actions, you will become uncomfortable if they are always checking you if you're making a progress.

2. Don't expect too much. Don't expect too much from yourself, don't expect that everything is under control and you will succeed right away. If you want everything to be under in your control then you will not become loose, you will always see what is missing, you will always see every flaw of the situation and the will give you a large amount of pressure. Don't expect to always win, just try to enjoy what is happening and forget about the results.

3. Stop aiming to become perfect. It is your job in this world to simply give your best and not to stay perfect. Don't look for a perfect record, don't look for a smooth ride. Life is full of challenges, it is full of bumps along the road. If you want to always stay perfect then you are just putting a lot of pressure in yourself. Accept that you can make mistakes, you can miss a shot, you can bum on stage, you can fail, you can look really bad. Stop being a perfectionist but always give your best and have fun.

4. Always breathe. If pressure is controlling you and taking over of your body... breathe. Try to relax and breathe. Breathing will calm you, it will make your mind refreshed. Breathe as much as you can, the more you breathe... the more you will feel better and move faster.

5. Slow down. Sometimes you are the one who is putting pressure in your life because you are rushing too much. You feel like time is running out. Yeah, maybe it is running out but if you are panicking then you will not be able to think the right way, you will make a lot of mistakes and that will make the pressure even bigger. Slow down and stay composed. Stay still and just focus on what you're doing. Slowing down will make you make decisions that are right.

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