April 30, 2017


Elevating your mental game is one of the prerequisites to success and how to live a healthier life. It's all in the mind, everything around you starts in your head. You might think that it is odd but it is not. Sometimes you feel unlucky because bad things happens to you simultaneously. After one problem comes another and another and the cycle never ends, you feel like you've been punished. It is because it is already recorded in your head. You feel like one bad thing will happen to you again, in other words the trauma has been embedded to your brain. You need to do something about it before it gets even worse.


1. Money can't make you weak nor make you strong. Money is nothing to you, it doesn't play a major role in your personality. Some people are only confident if they have money and feel weak if they don't have. That is why their mental strength is very weak.... they depend on the external things which is not permanent.

You are getting stronger mentally if you don't care about money, you know that anytime soon.. it can be gone, there is a possibility that you will lost money so you never base your strength on that thing. You are alright having money or having not. It is just another thing to you. You are still happy even if you don't have money because you can always focus your brain into something more important which is finding ways how to make your life better again. You knew you will be alright even if you don't have money because you can always adapt. A strong mind can adapt to any circumstances, it never weakens, it keeps getting stronger and stronger during adversity.

2. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Anything that they say... especially if it is negative, you don't care about it. You know who you are and what you can do. You know you can carry yourself in any situation. You don't mind being criticized or being laughed about. You don't even care if you're the topic of the conversation. You are so focused on your path and you will do everything in your power to become successful and live a much better life. You just laugh at people who say something bad to you, you don't get hurt easily. Sometimes you are also affected but that negative feeling never stay in your system for so long.

3. YOU WANT A MORE CHALLENGING ACTIVITY. You hate a boring job, you hate being told what to do. You are dreaming about big things and it is ok with you if it is hard to get it. You want a real challenge. You don't want to be just a follower or just another yes man from the soft community. You are continuously challenging yourself and you are committed to daily growth. You are doing everything to make yourself better than yesterday.

4. YOU ARE VERY PATIENT.  You don't care if it takes years to achieve your goal. You are taking your time and you are very patient with the process. You always knew you are going to win. You feel unmotivated sometimes but your passion keeps coming back stronger than ever, you are giving yourself one more chance, always one more chance. You never quit, you are determine to win and make it to the final stage.

A long line in the grocery doesn't make you feel bad. A slow car infront of you doesn't make you irritated. A disrespectful co-worker doesn't affect you. You are very patient because you are always looking at the bigger picture. You don't mind feeling bad because you have a very detailed path and you don't let anyone destroy your focus.

5. YOU LOVE CONSISTENCY. A guy with strong mental game is consistent. He love streaks, he is very disciplined. Look at the expert body builders... they do what they do every single day. They never miss a day. They were very strong mentally and were able to lift heavy weights because they do it everyday, they feel that they strength is unlimited. If you love consistency then it means your mental game is leveling up because only less people wants to do something everyday. It means your endurance and mental toughness is getting better.

6. YOU DON'T MIND LOSING. Weak people were sore losers. They hate losing because they can't move on easily once they experience it. They hate losing because they feel weak after a defeat. They feel humiliated, they were not a good sports. If you don't mind losing then your mental game is on a different level, you just don't care. You're not attached to victory. You feel so free, you are even happy a little bit even if you lost because you know that you can grow from it. For you, losing is just a learning experience, there is nothing bad from it.

7. YOU ARE HAPPY IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE SUCCEEDING. You're not an envy type of person who always wants to get an attention. If you're not succeeding and other people are succeeding, you don't mind it. You are even happy for them. Weak people, if they see someone succeeding, they can't accept it especially if that person is their enemy.

8. YOU ARE A SINGLE MINDED PERSON. You never change your mind, you know what you want and you will do everything to get it. You never change your mind if something is getting hard, you never change direction even if that path you take is full of obstacles. Once you start something... you will make a stand for it.

9.  YOU DON'T HAVE REGRETS. You forget your past especially the ugly ones, you know that past has nothing to do with your present situation. Even if you made a bad decision from the past, you never regret it, you never regret that you made a decision. Mentally weak people let regrets ruined their lives, the mentally strong ones will just keep moving forward and see what is possible.

10. REJECTION IS AN OPPORTUNITY. For you, rejection means you need to look for another option, it serves as a guide. It doesn't make you feel bad because you know something better is waiting for you. You don't mind getting rejected because you know that the people who rejects you doesn't deserve you.  

11. YOU STAY WITH YOUR TASK UNTIL IT IS FINISHED. Even if you feel so tired, you will still finish your task. You don't believe in the word tomorrow or later because you know that it will never happen.

12. YOU HATE EXCUSES. You take full responsibility of your actions and decisions. If you fail, you never blame someone or make excuses. You know that excuses are for the weak and it will never change the situation. You accept that you fail, you never make excuses, instead you just learn the lesson and move on.

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