April 27, 2017


Being a boss is not about having the highest position in a specific place or a company. Being a boss is only in the mind and how you live your life. You can even feel like a boss if you set up your life in a position where you can say NO because you give yourself the option to choose another option. Being a boss has something to do with the attitude and perspective in life, being a boss is different from being a bossy. If you're really the boss then you have the power to make a decision that will never affect your situation.

1. No one is forcing you to work hard. You know your limitations, you know when to work hard and when to not. No one can force you to work hard because they know that you will not do it if you don't want it. It's not that you are lazy but you only work hard if you want to and if you needed to. You have the option not to work hard because you always have the better option.

2. No one can make you rush. You have your own pace, own timing and own rhythm. You are so cool because you handle the business very well. You are very consistent, early and always on the right timing that is why you are not rushing. Rushing are for people who are always late, rushing are for people who are not on the perfect alignment with their work and dreams. No one can make your rush because you already did the work needed.

3. You are not afraid to leave. That is why nobody can force you to work hard... you are not afraid to leave, you know there is a better place waiting for you. You know you can work somewhere else if you don't like the situation anymore, you know you can find better people that will treat you better.

4. You can make your own schedule. It's what the boss does... they create their own schedule and follow it strictly, no one can break it nor manipulate it. If they say they are not going... they will not go, they are not afraid of someone getting mad because of being absent. They create a schedule that will give them more benefits.

5. You can reject an ugly offer. If you don't like what is being presented in front of your face... you reject it without conscience or feeling guilt. If you don't like it, you will not get it, as simple as that. A boss can make a bold decision and stay with that decision no matter what. You know what is best for you and that is what you are going to follow. You don't accept something just to please someone.

6. You can make your own money. That is why you are not afraid of being demoted, fired or make decisions that are strong and can affect other people... you can create your own money. You have a personal economy and you know how the money runs. You can create it, you are very creative and you execute your ideas right away. Even if it is just a little amount of money... if you can create money then you're a boss.

7. You're not afraid to look funny. You are taking your chances, you are not afraid to get rejected. You are taking risks because you have the boss-like mentality. Even if your ideas sounds funny... you will still give it a try because you are so determined and motivated. You know you are going to succeed even if there are lots of obstacles on your way. Everything that they say... it doesn't matter anymore, even if you look so funny, ugly and weird... you know that you have to do it in order to succeed.

8. You work harder than anybody else. No one can force you to work hard but you know when it's time to work hard... you work harder than anybody else. You're a workhorse that is why you are slowly becoming a role model to other people. You outwork everybody that is why you are building an authority naturally. Even the person with higher position than you respects you because of your work ethic.

9. You are not afraid to walk alone. It's one strong characteristic of a real boss... you are not afraid to walk alone and do it by yourself. A lot of people may contradict you but you will still follow your own path because you know it is the right path for you. That is why no one can command you if you don't like it... you can always walk alone, you are not afraid if no one will be on your side. It is not about being arrogant, it is about standing for what you believe in.

10. You are not afraid of stress. A lot of people can't become a boss because a little stress is making them quit, a little stress is scaring them. A real boss is not afraid of discomfort, he will face the problems and solve it right away. If he can't solve it then he will take baby steps to make the problem little. A real boss is not afraid to face big responsibilities. He can handle any difficult situation, he never rattles during crunch time,

11. You are not needy. You are not needy of praises, appreciation or any form of recognition. You know what are your capabilities so you don't need anything from other people. You know who you are and what you can do, you don't need to prove it to other people and make them know how great you are.

Anyone can become a boss if they have the right mentality and proper attitude. Being a boss is not all about being bossy and commanding people, a real boss is someone who can thrive in any difficult situation. A real boss is someone who is professional and can carry himself no mater what happens.

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