April 30, 2017


In anything that you are doing... you only need to become right once to become successful. I know it is hard, I know sometimes you feel like quitting because nothing right is happening but once you find that perfect formula, once you invented that perfect recipe... everything will be easy for you, it will be a smooth ride, but first you need to struggle a little bit, you need to show them that you are deserving. Sometimes you need to try a thousand or million times before becoming successful but the good thing is you only need to become right once. Once you find that technique, it will never be hard to repeat success over and over again.

A lot of things are not succeeding because the right formula, timing and process for it is not invented yet, people are not patient, they can't wait so they quit right away and do some other things that they think is easy.

You only need to become right once, you need to try a lot of things until you find that one very simple thing that will make you successful. It may take time, it can take forever but for sure you will find the answer, you will find that one thing that works for you and you can use it forever to become successful. You can use it for a lifetime.

You have to endure being wrong a lot of times, it is not the most perfect and most correct person. It is the one who can endure being wrong for a long time and then finally getting it right in the end. You need to face a lot of failures and heart breaks, because it is the only thing that will develop your character. It is the only thing that will harden you and prepare you to dominate the business that you are in.

You only need to become right once, not twice, not thrice. The formula is very simple... keep looking for answers, keep trying a lot of process that will give you results. Success is all about trial and error. The more you try.. the closer you will be to finding the right answer.

It is really that simple, it maybe hard but it is not complicated. It is all about finding what works and what does not. Eliminate what doesn't work and focus on what is working, make it stronger, make it bigger, make it very consistent. Just do it everyday and let success come to you naturally.

The good thing about life is you can fail as many as you can. The more you fail, the more knowledge you acquire, the more you become smarter and closer to your dreams. You will not learn if you will not fail.

As you keep on searching for the right formula, as you keep on trying everything... the more success will be attracted to you. Opportunities will come, you will see what you haven't seen before. Success can't never escape you, you only need to become right once.

April 30, 2017


Elevating your mental game is one of the prerequisites to success and how to live a healthier life. It's all in the mind, everything around you starts in your head. You might think that it is odd but it is not. Sometimes you feel unlucky because bad things happens to you simultaneously. After one problem comes another and another and the cycle never ends, you feel like you've been punished. It is because it is already recorded in your head. You feel like one bad thing will happen to you again, in other words the trauma has been embedded to your brain. You need to do something about it before it gets even worse.


1. Money can't make you weak nor make you strong. Money is nothing to you, it doesn't play a major role in your personality. Some people are only confident if they have money and feel weak if they don't have. That is why their mental strength is very weak.... they depend on the external things which is not permanent.

You are getting stronger mentally if you don't care about money, you know that anytime soon.. it can be gone, there is a possibility that you will lost money so you never base your strength on that thing. You are alright having money or having not. It is just another thing to you. You are still happy even if you don't have money because you can always focus your brain into something more important which is finding ways how to make your life better again. You knew you will be alright even if you don't have money because you can always adapt. A strong mind can adapt to any circumstances, it never weakens, it keeps getting stronger and stronger during adversity.

2. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Anything that they say... especially if it is negative, you don't care about it. You know who you are and what you can do. You know you can carry yourself in any situation. You don't mind being criticized or being laughed about. You don't even care if you're the topic of the conversation. You are so focused on your path and you will do everything in your power to become successful and live a much better life. You just laugh at people who say something bad to you, you don't get hurt easily. Sometimes you are also affected but that negative feeling never stay in your system for so long.

3. YOU WANT A MORE CHALLENGING ACTIVITY. You hate a boring job, you hate being told what to do. You are dreaming about big things and it is ok with you if it is hard to get it. You want a real challenge. You don't want to be just a follower or just another yes man from the soft community. You are continuously challenging yourself and you are committed to daily growth. You are doing everything to make yourself better than yesterday.

4. YOU ARE VERY PATIENT.  You don't care if it takes years to achieve your goal. You are taking your time and you are very patient with the process. You always knew you are going to win. You feel unmotivated sometimes but your passion keeps coming back stronger than ever, you are giving yourself one more chance, always one more chance. You never quit, you are determine to win and make it to the final stage.

A long line in the grocery doesn't make you feel bad. A slow car infront of you doesn't make you irritated. A disrespectful co-worker doesn't affect you. You are very patient because you are always looking at the bigger picture. You don't mind feeling bad because you have a very detailed path and you don't let anyone destroy your focus.

5. YOU LOVE CONSISTENCY. A guy with strong mental game is consistent. He love streaks, he is very disciplined. Look at the expert body builders... they do what they do every single day. They never miss a day. They were very strong mentally and were able to lift heavy weights because they do it everyday, they feel that they strength is unlimited. If you love consistency then it means your mental game is leveling up because only less people wants to do something everyday. It means your endurance and mental toughness is getting better.

6. YOU DON'T MIND LOSING. Weak people were sore losers. They hate losing because they can't move on easily once they experience it. They hate losing because they feel weak after a defeat. They feel humiliated, they were not a good sports. If you don't mind losing then your mental game is on a different level, you just don't care. You're not attached to victory. You feel so free, you are even happy a little bit even if you lost because you know that you can grow from it. For you, losing is just a learning experience, there is nothing bad from it.

7. YOU ARE HAPPY IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE SUCCEEDING. You're not an envy type of person who always wants to get an attention. If you're not succeeding and other people are succeeding, you don't mind it. You are even happy for them. Weak people, if they see someone succeeding, they can't accept it especially if that person is their enemy.

8. YOU ARE A SINGLE MINDED PERSON. You never change your mind, you know what you want and you will do everything to get it. You never change your mind if something is getting hard, you never change direction even if that path you take is full of obstacles. Once you start something... you will make a stand for it.

9.  YOU DON'T HAVE REGRETS. You forget your past especially the ugly ones, you know that past has nothing to do with your present situation. Even if you made a bad decision from the past, you never regret it, you never regret that you made a decision. Mentally weak people let regrets ruined their lives, the mentally strong ones will just keep moving forward and see what is possible.

10. REJECTION IS AN OPPORTUNITY. For you, rejection means you need to look for another option, it serves as a guide. It doesn't make you feel bad because you know something better is waiting for you. You don't mind getting rejected because you know that the people who rejects you doesn't deserve you.  

11. YOU STAY WITH YOUR TASK UNTIL IT IS FINISHED. Even if you feel so tired, you will still finish your task. You don't believe in the word tomorrow or later because you know that it will never happen.

12. YOU HATE EXCUSES. You take full responsibility of your actions and decisions. If you fail, you never blame someone or make excuses. You know that excuses are for the weak and it will never change the situation. You accept that you fail, you never make excuses, instead you just learn the lesson and move on.

April 29, 2017


If you're really a writer and you said that you're passionate about writing then you should love everything about it. Just typing the keyboard should give you happiness and excitement. Just building a single sentence should pump you up and make you feel motivated. Just finishing a story should make you feel accomplished. Just knowing that a single person read it should make you feel appreciated even if they don't like what they've read. Just feeling your pen moving if you're writing on a paper should give you tremendous feelings. Because if you really like your work... you will appreciate everything about it even the most difficult part. You will still be able to put a smile on your face even if you are having a hard time.

If you really love being an athlete then you should also love everything about it. You should love the pain, the grind, the failures. You should still feel lucky and blessed if you got injured because you can grow from it, you can learn from it, a tragic happening will give you something. You should feel excited when you're practicing because it is your work to get better everyday. Just the bounce of the ball should give you goose bumps, just a step on the ring should make you feel amazing, just a sweat on your towel should make you feel you are doing something great. Just simply working hard should give you happiness because it is your work, you should love everything about it if you want to keep it and keep doing it.

If you're a telemarketer and you want to become a regular employee, you should love everything about it. Even the customers saying foul words to you... you should love it because it is part of the process. If you can't love everything in what you're doing then you will never succeed. You will get burned out, you will be stressed, you will quit in the long run. Money alone can't motivate you, you should be passionate in your work and never complain about it because you still have work, there are lot of people that don't have work and can't even work so you should not take any second for granted.

Having a work is like taking care of a baby. You should milk it, endure the hardship and make it grow. Love every step of the process so it will stay with you forever. If you will hate your work and curse it everyday then it will go away, you will also experience a lot of stress that will make you sick. I don't know why there are lot of people who complain about their work but still do it. If you can't love what you're doing then it is not a work anymore, it is called punishment.

No matter what work you have... love it. If you can't love it then leave, don't do it again. Don't make your work suffer, don't let yourself suffer. Find something else that will make you feel better and that you will love forever.

April 29, 2017


What is your role in life? on which side are you? are you running the show or just watching the show? Be honest, you can't be running the show and at the same time watching the show, you can only pick one side.

Are you satisfied watching other people make it in life? are you happy watching their growth, praising them but deep inside you are jealous? are you satisfied with just being a follower or sometimes do you also wanted to be a leader?

It is your choice, always your choice. There is nothing wrong with just watching the show but if sometimes you feel like you deserve more and you also want to be someone that people talk about then it is time for you to make a change in your life.

If you are just making comments on you tube or facebook then you're simply watching the show. You have no right to make nasty comments because no matter how hard you try to prove to everyone that you're better than the person performing... you can't change the fact that you're just a spectator. Where is your idea? where is your skill? have you upload any content? have you created some great products? If all you can do is criticize then you will never go anywhere, you will be the same person sitting on your computer 10 years from now.

There are 2 kinds of person in this world the one who runs the show or the stars and the one who is just watching the show or the spectators.

If you find yourself always watching other people's works, life and ideas then you're just watching their show. You're a spectator, it is either you're openly admiring or secretly hating. It is what it is, even if you don't admit it... you're a spectator, the sad thing is... you watch a lot of their activities but nobody is giving you a credit.

Most successful people are running the show, they don't care about other people, all they care about is their own show and how to make it successful. They are their own boss, they never follow orders and they have big confidence in themselves that they are going to succeed which is likely to happen. Those who run the show run their own life, nobody can give them orders. Usually these people are businessmen, entrepreneurs, leaders, rebels, stars. Sometimes when they became so big, they don't even run the show... they are the show.

Those who just watch the show are the people who are so sick and tired of their life. They were completely lost. They will watch other people's activities and will give ugly comments once they get offended or they didn't like it. They think they were better than the ones who are running the show but they cannot even execute their own idea, sometimes they don't even have any idea. They were failures and always waiting for a new show, they were in a rat race, they can't escape it because they were so addicted to watching other people's lives.

April 29, 2017


Sometimes you don't know that you are doing something useless, you are doing something that is irrelevant to success and for the betterment of your life. You are doing something that is ruining you but you are having so much fun with it.

You are engaging in a battle that will not even make your life better. You are just wasting your time arguing with people who will just make you feel bad. What is the point of doing that? are you going to get some money? are you going to become popular? 

What is the point of proving your point if you will just hurt somebody? if you will just find an enemy? If the argument is useless then stay away from it. Just shut your mouth and walk away, just do your thing, focus on your goals and you will forget that you feel bad for a moment. People who engage in a useless arguments are people who have no goals, they are the ones who are lost and doesn't even know what to do with their lives that is why they were so focused on ruining other people's lives.

You easily get affected by a facebook comment. You are arguing with someone who doesn't even know you about who is the greatest player in the NBA. The comment threads become very long and other people were joining your useless conversation. What is the point of doing it? what is the point of protecting your idol who will not even give you a penny, he doesn't care about your heroic acts so move one. You will only feel bad, your day will be ruined, you will have an enemy... it is stupid right?

If someone disrespects you in your perspective, learn to let it go.
Sometimes other people will accidentally disrespect you, you must be ok with it. Sometimes it is not their intention to disrespect you. fighting with them will only eat a lot of your time. You will be in big trouble. The good thing to do is just ignore them, it is not that you can't protect yourself, it's just that petty things doesn't bother you anymore. Learn to forget easily and focus more on positive things, that is how to live life, that is how to live a better life. Because if you will fight with them, there are difficult consequences that might happen. The worst is ending up in jail or hurting each other that will make the problem even bigger, look at the worst case scenario so you will avoid arguing with people that doesn't even matter.

Small things should not hurt you, learn to let it go so you will become more successful faster. You are slowing down because you care too much about other people that you think has disrespect you from the past or even in the present moment. Those people are irrelevant to your dreams and happiness so you should not focus on them.

April 28, 2017


A lot of people wants to become fearless, they thought that being fearless will change their life. They thought that being fearless will set them free and they don't need to worry about anything anymore.

Come to think of it, is there really a person who is fearless? There is no such thing as a person who is fearless, there are some who pretends to be one but being fearless is just a myth. If there is someone who is fearless then that person might have a problem on his brain or something. That person might be using drugs or maybe he has a serious mental problem. Because if you are fearless, it means you are feeling nothing. Fear is one of the emotions that you must feel to bring balance into your life. If you can't feel fear then you will not feel love, courage and happiness anymore. If one of the feelings is missing then there is something wrong with you.

If fear is causing a lot of damage into your life, the best thing to do is just accept it. Accept that you are scared and every time you feel fear... just deal with it, don't try to stay away from it nor escape it. Just let it be, the more you accept it... the more it will become weak. And the more you get comfortable feeling the fear... the more you will become creative, free, loose and brave. Fear is just a feeling, it is the most important thing that you should remember. It can't kill you nor hurt you, it can just make you feel bad.

Why are you so afraid of losing? 

It is not because something bad will happen to you, it is not because you will get injured, you will get broke or something. You're just afraid of humiliation, embarrassment and critics. In other words... you are afraid of what people will say.

You're afraid to ask a girl for a date because if you got rejected people will mock you, your friends will laugh at you. You are simply afraid of emotions, you're not afraid of the girl, you're afraid of the feelings that the girl might give you.

Why are you afraid to take the last shot of the game? simply because you're afraid of your coach, you are afraid that your coach might trade you for another team or bench you the next game. You are also afraid of your teammates that might blame you because of your heroic wannabe acts. You are also afraid of the people that might criticize your decision.

Nothing will hurt you, no one can put you down, you're just afraid of what people will say. You're afraid of the emotions that you can get if you lose that is why you are so afraid to try.

In order to neutralize fear...

You can't get rid of fear, you can only neutralize it by being aware what is the cause of it. The root of fear is people. You are afraid to fail your exam not because you will repeat it again or you will take the same process again that is hard. You are afraid to fail because your parents will get mad at you, your parents will make a special sermon for you that will make your ears bleed... that is why you are so scared to death to fail.

Always remember that fear is just an emotion, all you have to do is endure it, feel it and breathe. That's it. Remember that you will not be hurt, you will not get ugly, you will only feel something weird, uncomfortable and stressful. Fear is just a feeling, feel it and it will be gone. Face it to neutralize it, don't run away from it.

April 28, 2017


The reason why you can't be yourself is because you always take care of your identity. You think you have a big name, you think you're special and you don't want to tarnish your "legacy". The truth is... the more you take care of your name, the more you will become conservative and can't be yourself.

If you want to be free, if you want to express yourself more... don't be afraid to destroy your name because it is nothing. You think they will appreciate you more if you will not make mistake and not challenge yourself? you think they will remember your name for playing safe? No, people loves a tryer, people loves a risk taker even more.

Don't be afraid to lose, don't preserve your perfect record, don't try to maintain a perfect image because that will be the number one cause of the development of cowardice in your system.

Forget your name, think of yourself as nothing so you will be free to make mistakes and you will never get hard on yourself once you lose. Winning is important, same as losing. Losing will make you stronger, it will ignite the fire in you. Winning will make you arrogant and lazy so be happy if you are losing because it will contribute something for your development even if it is painful.


Just because you came from a rich family doesn't mean you don't need to do things that will make you look poor. Just because you came from a championship team doesn't mean you don't want to play on a lower level. Just because your daddy is a well known personality doesn't mean you can't make mistakes anymore. Your ego is stopping you from doing things that you wanted to try.

If you want to dominate the game, any competition, any field... forget your name. Sometimes, even if you haven't accomplish anything yet, even if you're just an ordinary human being... you still feel entitled of something special, you feel you need a special treatment and that is why you can't give your best, that is why you are operating on a weak level.


Your name is nothing, whether it is a big name or small name. If you keep on thinking about your name, if you keep on feeling that you're greater than anybody else... it will poisoned your mind. That kind of mindset will only make you look like a diva who can't do anything special. Your name is nothing even if you accomplished something big, even if you're a legend or something... it is still nothing because once you die... you cannot bring your big name with you. Yeah, some people may remember you but can you still feel it once you're dead?

The best thing to do is try as much as you can, don't be afraid to do things even if you think that it will give dirt to your so called "name". Don't be afraid to get dirty, a name is nothing, it is just a piece of word.

April 28, 2017


It feels so heavy once you are doing something for so long right? it feels like you can't move your body anymore, it feels like you can't even lift your finger. You can't think right, you feel like exploding especially if you haven't see yet the results that you're expecting.

That is what will happen if you are pursuing things, if you are pursuing greatness. That is why only few succeed after trying for a very long time. They will work for a certain project for months and years and when they can't figure out what to do next or what is it that will give them a little hope... they will give up.

You see, talent can't make you succeed alone, intelligence neither. No matter how great you are... you will still experience difficulty in the middle of your journey and more adversity in the end. It is not how great you are, it is how durable you are. You should have a very strong endurance in order to stay in the game. You should have the ability to stay in the game until the end no matter how sore your body is or how stressed your brain is.

The simple trick here is to just learn how to quiet your mind. Learn how to relax it, make it breathe, let it feel the beauty of life, let it feel the deliciousness of breathing. Breathe, quiet your mind and you will never be out of track.

It is ok to stop for a little bit, it is ok to slow down but don't ever entertain the noise inside of your head. There is a voice inside of your head that is telling you to quit, that it is ok to just go home and go back next day. Don't let those voices dominate you. You can do it, you can work until the end. All you have to do is quiet your mind, don't think of anything else, go back to your initial thoughts. The thoughts that you are entertaining before you enter this journey. Find the thoughts of motivation, find the gasoline of your motor. It is there, it never ran out.

It's just a feeling, it's just a frustration. You can always go back to your normal state once you quiet your mind.

Own your mind because it is yours, control it, don't let it control you. You can stay in the game until the end, you can become victorious, just don't forget to breathe and let the last thought of hope stay inside of your head.

Soreness is nothing, fatigue is nothing, you are better than those things. You can push and push until you win. Don't look at the finish line, just keep moving until you win.

Your strength is unlimited, you knew it from the start. You can do impossible things if you will never stop, if you will stay committed to taking actions. You're almost there, just keep quieting your mind and never listen to the noise inside of your head. Stay calm and move little by little, you're going to win in just a moment.

April 28, 2017


Very simple... just commit to the journey. In anything that you are dreaming of.. once you commit to the journey then you already achieved it. Because you will get there no matter what, you will learn how to figure it out. There will be obstacles along the way, there will be a lot of challenges but that is just part of the design. You achieve your dream now if you will promise to yourself that you will get it no matter what, if you promise to yourself that you will never quit even if you die.

A lot of people can't become successful because they can't commit to the journey, they give up once the going gets hard. They change direction once they feel that they are not progressing.

Once you commit to the journey then you already won, as simple as that. Quitting is losing and continuing is winning, this is the best explanation for it. You have your dream now once you are moving, once you are doing something for it. It is just a matter of time before you get the final result.

It is like a line, once you're on the line and you travel it until the end then you're already victorious. Never break the line, just focus on your line and never look at other people's line. Because you will reach the end of the line no matter what, all you need to do is keep going and going until you reach the end of the line, very easy to do yet people can't do it because they lack patience and determination.

Once you promise yourself that you will never quit and you will dedicate your time and life for your dream then there is nothing else to talk about... you already have it.

Because it is really the journey not the destination. If I gave you a car, are you going to feel happy about it? of course yes but you will still feel incomplete, you will feel that you don't deserve it. But if you buy the car by yourself because you work hard for it... you will feel happier and satisfied, you will feel very proud. You will cherish the hard moments that you experience just to produce the money for your car.

It is not about getting it instantly, it is about working for it consistently. All day long, no days off. You already have your dream if you are working for it, it is just a matter of patiently waiting and keeping your faith alive. Your dream is already yours, no need to doubt yourself if you're going to make it. Of course you are going to make it, you will be rewarded because no effort has not been rewarded. For the record, all those who work super hard and dedicate themselves for something... they all won, they all become successful.

So be happy if you are consistently working and patiently waiting, your dreams is about to come, it can be tomorrow or next week, just don't stop working.

April 28, 2017


The real freedom means having the power to do what you wanted to do. You do it anytime you want, you stop what you are doing at the moment and you do what you really love to do. That is what real freedom is all about. It is about rewarding yourself an activity that you badly wanted to do without thinking about what people may say or thinking what could go wrong. It is all about taking actions that will satisfy your urge.

Real freedom means freedom from outcome. You don't care about what will happen next you just do what is needed and that's it. You are living in the moment and you feel so free to speak, move or even stop. No one can stop you to stop, no one can stop you to move. Your life is all about you and what you wanted to happen with it.

Real freedom means owning your time. You sleep anytime you want , you eat anytime you want, you take break anytime you want. No one can force you to do something.

If you're not happy with what you're doing, it only means you have no freedom with it. It means you're restricted and your actions will be stop later once a person with higher authority than you doesn't like it.

Real freedom means creativity, you feel so creative, you are playing with what you are doing. You can do everything and no one can stop you. You don't feel tired nor stress, you feel floating and light like a feather. It feels like everything you do is right and you are on the right path no matter what.

Real freedom is only in the mind, you can even feel free even if you're in jail. Just free yourself from mental slavery and be a little bit creative. Imagine that you are free, imagine that you will be free in just a matter of time. And even if you don't get that freedom, if you don't dwell on being jailed then you are still free.

Real freedom is owning your mind, it is being able to find the right thoughts that will give you good emotions no matter where place you are. You are free if you are not stressed, you are free if you are feeling good, as simple as that. Freedom has no deep meaning, it's only about freeing yourself from any thoughts that are stopping you from being happy.

If you want to experience real freedom then learn how to manage your thoughts, learn how to feel good even in bad situations. Sometimes you are free but you are the jailer of your own self because you dwell so much on negative things that makes you feel struggling.

You can achieve freedom anytime you want, even if you're caught in a bad situation. Freedom is a choice, you can choose to be free now, right away. Just learn to let go, don't be attached to anything, learn how to create your own state and always choose to be happy.

April 28, 2017


It has no difference, being lazy and scared are the same. You don't want to move because you're scared, you don't want to move because you're too lazy, so what is the difference between the two?

A lot of people were making an excuse... they will tell everyone that they can't do it because they were too scared, they don't have the confidence and they were depressed. It is the funniest excuse ever, how can you tell everyone that you are scared and you don't want to move? If you don't want to move then it simply means you are lazy, what is scary about walking and looking for a job? what is scary about moving and doing what is the best thing for your life? what is scary about just simply taking it one step at a time?

If you don't want to move then you should kill yourself because you have no place in this world, you are not contributing something for your family, you're just a mouth that needs to be fed.

Don't ever make an excuse that you're scared of something that is why you don't want to give it a try. You're just lazy, you don't want to move, you don't want to get rejected, you don't want to experience all the process.


1. They don't want to get tired. All they want is easy money, easy work, sure success. They don't even want to pass a resume for work, they don't even want to do the first step. They were scared to do the work.

2. They don't have the habit of starting fast. The more you delay something, the more you will become scared and lazy. You might even want to not start at all. Your mind is full of heaviness, you don't want to confront your responsibilities. You feel like you're going to die the moment you start.

3. They think they deserve more. They think they deserve a special treatment, they think someone has to help them before they start. They think that all people must treat them right and baby them before they start. That is why they are scared once they feel that there is no guiding hand on their side.

4. They want instant rewards. They want to make sure that something good will happen to them before they take actions. If they learned that it is a 50-50 situation then they will just prefer to lie in bed all they long watching the game of bones episode 23.


1. Start fast. Don't think just start, just move, move faster than your brain so your brain will have no time for worries and distractions. Start fast and stay with your task until you finish it.

2. Stop thinking about the results. Thinking about the results will make you scared and lazy. Your brain will worry about "what ifs" Just go with the flow, stay with the process and forget about winning or losing. Moving itself is already a bliss so be happy if you are moving because it means you will get result one day.

April 28, 2017


You still have the last card so use it, never hide it, never become conservative, use your last card even if it will create a big damage to your life. Because if you will not use it... you will wonder forever what could happen if you use it. Kill regrets by using your last card.

Sometimes in order for something to succeed... life will ask you to use your last card. For example, your business is slowly failing, you can't smell success unless you use your last money, energy and time for it. It is like going all in, it doesn't matter if you go broke, become a beggar or look like a loser... you need to use your last card because it maybe the key to success.

A lot of successful people has to use their last card in order to become successful. They need to sell their house, sell all of their assets just to continue pursuing their dream. They treat their situation like all or nothing, they rather lose everything than to not get everything... they want to win big time, they can't accept a mediocre success. They will use all of their energy just to succeed.

If you still have something left in your body, whether it is the last penny, last effort, last ounce of energy or last idea... use it. It may work, even if it don't work... at least you've given everything you've got, at least you will not regret giving your all in the end.

Because the last card is always working, sometimes the universe is just testing you. It is testing your endurance and faith, it is challenging you to give your all so you will get everything you want.

And the truth is... there is always another card after the last card. You think it is your last card? no, you just think that it is the last because you're so tired, frustrated and hopeless.

There will always be another card, there will always be another way. Greatness will find a way, if you really wanted to succeed then you will try again after using the "last card" that you think. You will even create your own card even if it is a fake card.

A lot of people think that they already give everything for their dream and it is already time to quit. That is why they can't become successful, that is why they remain the same and not progressing. Never think that you already give everything you can because you can always give something for your dream. What you can give will never ran out, that this the sad reality for people who wanted to quit.

You can always do something, you're just afraid to do it. Or maybe you're just lazy to do it. You can always think of something to do. Always use your body and mind, never hold back and let go. Forget what may happen, just set yourself free. That is what life is all about, it is about feeling free to do anything and hoping for the best.

April 28, 2017


Your biggest problem for not taking your life or goals seriously is you think you have a lot of time. You think you have all the time in the world to do it later. You make your biggest priority your last priority. The result is you never experienced your prime, you didn't reach your highest level of greatness. Because you didn't notice that you already grew old and cannot do the things that you can do when you were young.

Stop wasting time, stop thinking that you have a lot of time Go for your dreams before it's too late. Chase your prime while you are still strong. Don't get complacent and think that you can still start tomorrow.

Being comfortable means you are not even trying, it means you are setting yourself up for failure. Accept that being successful and thriving in life is not comfortable. It is what it is, you have to do what you have to do, no excuses, no lame reasoning for not doing something.

You think you have a lot of time tomorrow that is why you play video games now instead of studying your lessons. You think you can review all of your lessons during break time. But when break time is there, what did you do? you chat with your classmates, you talk about the latest pregnant celebrity in the hollywood, what the heck was that? And when the exam is there... you have a blank test paper, you are sweating, your armpits are watering because you are so afraid of failing but you don't know what to do. In other words... you screw yourself.

Time is not gold, it doesn't even have a price, no money can bring back your time. The time that flies will never come back again. So if you are wasting your time doing things that will not even make you happy in the future... you're in big trouble.

Stop thinking that you have a lot of time, condition your mind that your time is running out so you will have a sense of urgency to move and do the things that matters the most. You're not a watch or a wall clock that never ran out of time, you're just a human being who is immortal and will die sooner.

You think you are young? beware of that mindset. You will have regrets in life and the moment you wake up... it is already over for you. You can't do anything with your life anymore.

A lot of rich people say that they will exchange their money for time so that they can have more time for their love ones. But it doesn't work out that way. If it is your time then it is your time, you can't have any extension nor overtime. So the best thing to do is spend your time with people that matters in your life the most, never waste it for people that will only suck your energy. Spend your time with activities that will make you not regret life in the end.

April 27, 2017


Sometimes you will be confused in your life because there are lot of things going on. Sometimes the momentum is so strong that you don't know anymore what to do first. But having a lot of happenings in your life is far way better than no happening at all.

It is ok to get confused, there is nothing wrong with that. But first, you should avoid panicking, because panicking will destroy everything. You must be aware if you are panicking so you can stop it right away. Panicking will make you ruin your work, it will make you  lose fast, it will make you lose your mind.

On the other hand, being confused means you are still thinking, it means you are still in a little bit control of your mind. You just don't know what to do, that's it.


Accept that you don't know what to do and the answers will be revealed in a little while. If you are not fighting confusion then you will be comfortable with that kind of state of mind and then you will be able to relax. You will learn to breathe, take it slowly and find the right answers for your questions. There is nothing wrong if you don't know the answers because you will find it in just a little while if you are patient enough to wait for it to come.

It's ok to get confused if you are new to something, it's ok to look stupid and ignorant. Everyone experiences that kind of feeling even if they don't admit it, everyone got confused from the past. No one is immune to confusion, everyone will experience it even the smartest and the greatest ones, All you got to do is relax and be at peace with the moment. Never try to escape from your situation nor fast forward the time. You will got even more confused if you will fight what is happening at the moment.


You have a lot of time, you don't need to decide now if you are not sure. You don't need to act like a freak out of control. If you are panicking then you will always make mistakes, you will look awkward, weird and out of tune. It is better to stop moving than to make movements at all if you are just panicking. Panicking will destroy everything that you work for. Panicking means you are in need of something but you don't know how to get it. You are completely lost and you can't find any direction.


Take a deep breathe, slow down and don't be afraid if you are losing or you are the last person in the race or something. Don't be afraid to lose. If you accept that you already lost then that will be the start of your journey to winning. You will be free from expectations, you will be free from pressure. You will no longer feel the need of something. You will be able to enjoy life even more and take it one step at a time. You will not rush and everything will be under control.

April 27, 2017


Haters will make you weak if you let them. If you mind what they say then you will just destroy your day. Just let them talk because all they can do is talk, they don't know anything. They don't know anything about your heart, your will, your desire, your true capabilities. They don't know anything about you, all they know is your failures, weakness and ugly traits. They will try to expose you and make you feel bad in anything that they say.

They feel happy if you feel sad, they feel powerful if you feel weak, The best way to deal with them is just ignore them. If you know a hater and pretending to be nice when you're around, just ignore him and for sure he will feel bad too. Ignore him and you will become stronger, ignore him so he will feel stupid, he will feel there is something wrong, he will wonder and worry... he gets a dose of his own medicine.

If you can ignore a hater then you can move faster, everything they say will not affect you. You can do a lot of things because your mind is clear and there is nothing bothering you. A lot of people who has a big potential never succeeded because they were so focused on their haters, they were bothered strongly by their haters that is why they can't make good decisions, they cannot focus on their work.


The more you give them attention, the more they will find a reason to hate you. They are so much having fun if they saw you crying and complaining. Their strength is your weakness. The best way to handle them is to not feel anything towards their words and actions, treat them like a garbage who doesn't deserve any of your attention.


Where you place your focus upon is what you are going to get. Focus on your haters and you will get hate. Focus on your work and you will get more rewards. Focus on happiness and you will get happiness, as simple as that. Don't focus on what you don't want. It's all in the mind. You can even make a certain event look like it didn't happen at all if you stop thinking about it. There are some celebrities who were involved in a big scandal, they manage to overcome it by simply not talking about it. They keep their mouths shut and then people begin to forget it as the time goes by. They were smart, they knew how to kill an issue without reacting or doing anything. An issue will stay for so long if you keep on talking about it so it is better to just keep quiet and focus your mind to other things.


It can make you look invincible and powerful by simply ignoring the things that bothers you. A cheer from the crowd that is mocking you will never affect you if you stay focused on what you're doing. A critic from other people will have no power over you if will you just ignore it and pretend that you didn't hear or read anything. You can always hide your feelings, you can make them feel that you are indestructible by simply ignoring everything.

April 27, 2017


How long should you work to become successful? I don't know, if you need to do it forever then do it, as simple as that. If it takes lifetime to become successful then do it, give your life to something that you are doing. Dedicate your life, go all out. Don't try something if you're half committed, go all out.

Because the only way to know the answer is to do it forever. It is the only way to know if you're going to become successful or not. A lot of people quits before they even reach the final stage, they're almost there but because of frustration and lack of patience... they never succeed, they gave up and that is why their lives is full of regrets.

And if you're not going to do it forever, what else will you do? work for some other people that doesn't even care about your dreams? work for some mediocre individuals that thinks they're better than you? they will not treat you right, they will even make you feel bad.

If it takes forever then do it, give everything you've got, that is the only way to become happy and satisfied, that is the only way to live without regrets. Because if you don't live for something then you will die for nothing.

People who dedicated their lives for something are happier, it is because they knew their lives were not wasted. They knew that they live a special life even if it is hard and full of trials and tribulations. They were proud of their lives because they knew they follow their own path and they didn't just follow orders from other people.


If you can motivate yourself everyday then you can do it forever. Give hope to yourself, make yourself believe that you are going to succeed... that is how to do it. Never entertain thoughts that will only make you weak. Never entertain words from other people that will demotivate you, isolate yourself if you needed to. The rule is... if something is making you weak, get rid of it... as soon as possible. It is easy to find motivation, just go to you tube and watch motivational videos, just watch 2 or three. And after watching it... move right away even if you are not yet fully motivated, just move even if you still feel bad. Because sometimes motivation is addictive, you want to watch a lot of it and that will also be the number one reason of procrastination.


You just need to find the reason why you are doing it, force yourself to enjoy it... it is possible, it is all about manipulating your mind. Make yourself believe that you love what you're doing, as simple as that. Make yourself believe that there is a silver lining, make yourself believe that there is a huge success at the end of the tunnel. Keep climbing, keep reaching for your dreams. It is easy if you will enjoy every step that you make.

April 27, 2017


Being a boss is not about having the highest position in a specific place or a company. Being a boss is only in the mind and how you live your life. You can even feel like a boss if you set up your life in a position where you can say NO because you give yourself the option to choose another option. Being a boss has something to do with the attitude and perspective in life, being a boss is different from being a bossy. If you're really the boss then you have the power to make a decision that will never affect your situation.

1. No one is forcing you to work hard. You know your limitations, you know when to work hard and when to not. No one can force you to work hard because they know that you will not do it if you don't want it. It's not that you are lazy but you only work hard if you want to and if you needed to. You have the option not to work hard because you always have the better option.

2. No one can make you rush. You have your own pace, own timing and own rhythm. You are so cool because you handle the business very well. You are very consistent, early and always on the right timing that is why you are not rushing. Rushing are for people who are always late, rushing are for people who are not on the perfect alignment with their work and dreams. No one can make your rush because you already did the work needed.

3. You are not afraid to leave. That is why nobody can force you to work hard... you are not afraid to leave, you know there is a better place waiting for you. You know you can work somewhere else if you don't like the situation anymore, you know you can find better people that will treat you better.

4. You can make your own schedule. It's what the boss does... they create their own schedule and follow it strictly, no one can break it nor manipulate it. If they say they are not going... they will not go, they are not afraid of someone getting mad because of being absent. They create a schedule that will give them more benefits.

5. You can reject an ugly offer. If you don't like what is being presented in front of your face... you reject it without conscience or feeling guilt. If you don't like it, you will not get it, as simple as that. A boss can make a bold decision and stay with that decision no matter what. You know what is best for you and that is what you are going to follow. You don't accept something just to please someone.

6. You can make your own money. That is why you are not afraid of being demoted, fired or make decisions that are strong and can affect other people... you can create your own money. You have a personal economy and you know how the money runs. You can create it, you are very creative and you execute your ideas right away. Even if it is just a little amount of money... if you can create money then you're a boss.

7. You're not afraid to look funny. You are taking your chances, you are not afraid to get rejected. You are taking risks because you have the boss-like mentality. Even if your ideas sounds funny... you will still give it a try because you are so determined and motivated. You know you are going to succeed even if there are lots of obstacles on your way. Everything that they say... it doesn't matter anymore, even if you look so funny, ugly and weird... you know that you have to do it in order to succeed.

8. You work harder than anybody else. No one can force you to work hard but you know when it's time to work hard... you work harder than anybody else. You're a workhorse that is why you are slowly becoming a role model to other people. You outwork everybody that is why you are building an authority naturally. Even the person with higher position than you respects you because of your work ethic.

9. You are not afraid to walk alone. It's one strong characteristic of a real boss... you are not afraid to walk alone and do it by yourself. A lot of people may contradict you but you will still follow your own path because you know it is the right path for you. That is why no one can command you if you don't like it... you can always walk alone, you are not afraid if no one will be on your side. It is not about being arrogant, it is about standing for what you believe in.

10. You are not afraid of stress. A lot of people can't become a boss because a little stress is making them quit, a little stress is scaring them. A real boss is not afraid of discomfort, he will face the problems and solve it right away. If he can't solve it then he will take baby steps to make the problem little. A real boss is not afraid to face big responsibilities. He can handle any difficult situation, he never rattles during crunch time,

11. You are not needy. You are not needy of praises, appreciation or any form of recognition. You know what are your capabilities so you don't need anything from other people. You know who you are and what you can do, you don't need to prove it to other people and make them know how great you are.

Anyone can become a boss if they have the right mentality and proper attitude. Being a boss is not all about being bossy and commanding people, a real boss is someone who can thrive in any difficult situation. A real boss is someone who is professional and can carry himself no mater what happens.

April 27, 2017


There is nothing to be afraid of if you can still do it. Why will you be afraid of something if you can try it again?

I don't know why some superstar NBA players are afraid to take the last shot even though they have the power to do it over and over again. They can still try next time if they miss this time. No one will blame you if you're a superstar, even the coach and the president of the organization can't blame you.

You can always try next time so don't be afraid to take the risk now and give it a shot.

Sometimes you can't win on the first try, sometimes you have to try a lot of times before you become successful, that's just the part of it, maybe success is just testing you if you really deserve to win.

If you are an aspiring singer or dancer and you failed in the audition after waiting on a long line... don't lose hope, don't get discouraged, you can always do it again. Don't be afraid to lose again because you can always do it again, you can always join an audition again. Maybe next time you're going to succeed.

Most people don't want to try again after losing several times that is why they can't succeed. They easily get demotivated, they don't know that they can try again. Once you try again... the law of averages is working, every failure is counted, every failure is moving you closer to success.


If you can be happy about failing and consider it as a requirement for success then you can move on easily, your motivation will never go down. Don't consider failure as a big deal, it is nothing. It will only make your grow and stronger. Failing means winning if you keep trying. Failing means you are moving forward, it means your are progressing if you take it positively. You get something from failing and that is learning a lesson. Always be proud if you fail because it simply means you try.

I know it sounds crazy to feel happy after failing but that will separate you from others, if you are very patient and you have the ability to not give up then you will become great one day. Successful people are not born with greatness, they simply allow themselves to fail over and over again and still having that passion to try again next time.

Once you become immune to failing then you will become invincible, you will just do it no matter what, you will just try again and expect to win. And even if you fail again... you will never become disappointed anymore, failing makes you tough, it makes you emotionless, it makes you like a mad man on a mission. Nothing or no one can stop you anymore, even if your record looks so bad.. you will never quit because failing makes you so hungry for success.

April 27, 2017


If you don't know what process to use, if you don't know how to do the process then you still have one option... do it the old school way.

Admit it, you can't know everything, there are some times when you will be left behind. There are times when you feel stupid and ignorant, but it's ok. Even if you don't know anything, you can still do it the old school way. And there is nothing wrong about that, yeah you may look corny, outdated and funny but the point here is...you are also doing it and you are making results.

Body building now is so technical, it is very scientific, there are millions of methods, there are shortcuts and easy way out. There are steroids and needles that will make your work easy but don't be fooled by those weak stuffs, it will make you look like a loser in the end, it will come back to your body, you will be dependent from those things, if you can't use it anymore... where will you go?

If you don't know anything about body building then do the old school way. PUSH UPS, do push ups as many as you can and that's it. It is very natural, you will gain results for sure and the work ethic will be build which is very important if you want to become successful. You don't need to buy protein shakes that costs a lot of money, you don't need to enroll in a gym, just do push ups... you will become stronger, you will become bulkier.

If you want to date a hot chick and you're just a typical nerd who's still a virgin for 25 years... again, do it the old school way. If you don't know what chicks love nowadays because a lot of them were gold diggers and social climbers... just send them roses or give it in personal to them. Do it the old school way, write a card, write a love letter. You may fail but at least you do something, the old school way is still effective. You can still make a chick blush once you gave her roses.

Same as running a business, if you're not educated enough about business and you don't know the technical stuffs and you want your business to survive... do it the old school way, work super hard, outwork everyone. You may not become successful but if you work super hard then for sure you will get some results. You will be able to survive your business or even make it very successful. GRIND... as simple as that, do something that will make your business earn something. Even if it is making a little impact... do it.

Any old school technique is still working, it is very simple, practical and requires no complexity. You will just do it, you will just implement what you know, give your best and wait for results to come. Very simple, basic and effective, everybody can go old school. Even the new school are using the old school.

April 27, 2017


There are lot of talented people out there who never made it, they never become successful because they quit, they have the talents, they have the looks and gifts but they can't do anything about it. They quit because they are lacking something... and that is determination. They can't stick with the process long enough until they become successful. They were cry babies, they were divas, they think that they were already a star even if they were not yet one.

They don't know the real meaning of "many". They thought that they already tried many times, they thought that what they did is enough to make them successful. The real meaning of many is infinite. You have to try as many as you can, for as long as you can to become successful. If you need to try forever then do it. Many means massive, many means uncountable. You have to fail many times, try many times, work hard many times in order to achieve what are you trying to achieve.

Talent is not enough, if you think that you're already talented and you don't need to work hard anymore then that is the beginning of your falter. Never rely on talents alone because talent is always fading. It may be true that you are talented now, but if you don't nurture that talent and make it grow then your talent will be gone in just a matter of time, it will leave your body.


Hardwork can create talents but talent is not sure if it is willing to work hard. Hardwork is hard that is why talented people doesn't want to do it. They feel like they have everything in the world to win only to find out that they are missing something. A lot of successful people admits that they are lacking talent that is why they work super hard to become successful. Their work ethic has fill up the talent that they are missing. A lot of talented people has failed because they were so arrogant and over confident. So if you have to choose between the two, always choose hardwork because it can give you everything. Talent can only give you promise, hardwork can give you success.

And even if you really have a talent, don't get caught with your own hype because it will make you lazy and underachieving. You will think that you can win anytime you want but that belief will be the number one reason of your failure.

So if you want to be sure that you will become successful... work like a bad ass hungry wolf that is ready to kill and die for you dreams. Work like hell and expect to live in hell because of working so hard. Hell is temporary, you will experience heaven once you succeed.

Never be afraid to work hard because once you begin to install it in your system and you are so comfortable in working hard everyday... everything will be easy for you. You will never be afraid of any challenge in life, you can achieve anything, you can finish anything, it's easy as 1,2,3.

April 27, 2017


Break your own record not other people's record. Record your own record and try to beat it everyday.

The reason why you are not succeeding in life is because you are always looking at other people's record, you are not looking your own record, that is also the reason why your record is not going high. You are too much consumed by other people's lives, you study them, envy them and get mad at them if you can't be like them. You were so insecure that is why you can't make any progress in your life.

You are looking at other people's subscribers instead of working your way to the top. You are looking at other people's riches that is why your time for taking actions has diminished, you are not using your time for improving yourself, instead you use it to watch other people's progress. You are very good in knowing other people's data instead of knowing your own data. You know how much money they have, what are their investments, what are their hobbies etc. You don't even know what you want, you don't know yourself and what are your potentials.


Keep improving everyday, focus on what you are doing and you don't need to worry about success anymore, success will come to you naturally if you are so focused on yourself, make it a habit to focus on your own life, try to make it grow, make your life awesome. Improve as much as you can, consider your life as a character in a video game.. you keep growing, you keep getting stronger and you keep learning skills.


If you will constantly compare yourself to others then you're done. You will never win even if you are better than them because you will always find someone who is better than you, that is what comparing does... it will poison your mind, it will make your ego stronger. You will get super insecure if you see someone doing better than you, you will not be yourself.


A lot of people can't enjoy the process that is why they keep on trying some other things that they think will work, they keep on looking for some easier way out, they think that success is a one night stand, they think that a few effort now will make them successful. You have to enjoy the process so you can work longer without getting bored on what you are doing. It is a skill, just learn to enjoy boredom, forget about getting results because it will make you feel scarcity, it will make you see what is not happening. You should focus on what is happening and that is.... you are taking actions.


Watch your improvement, watch your evolution. It is more fun to see yourself evolving rather than watching other people's lives. Just enjoy tracking your small progress everyday and celebrate it. Have fun with your journey, life is so short to focus on miserable things. Learn to grow and have fun everyday.

April 27, 2017


They say that if it doesn't feel good then it's not right, it's not the right path but not in all cases. Sometimes you have to feel bad first before feeling good.

Sometimes you are scared of trying it so you will follow your instincts and never try. But after not trying... do you still feel good?, you have regrets right? you are thinking what could have happened if you try. It only means that not all the time you will feel good, sometimes you have to embrace feeling bad so you can feel good later.

It feels bad to work out now because you're so tired but when the day ends... you still feel bad because you break your streak of working out, you go back to being lazy and that gives you regrets, it makes you scared because you are thinking about what if you go back being lazy again permanently and you can't go back on the right track anymore.

If you feel bad now, don't worry because you will feel good later. You must take actions, you must know what will happen if you try.

You are scared to ask your crush for a date, you feel bad, you are sweating, you are nervous, you feel like the whole world will laugh at you if you get rejected. Don't worry because if you do it and your crush says yes then you will feel like you're a winner in lottery, you will feel like you're the happiest man in the world. If she says no then be happy because at least you know the answer, it is still a good feeling than wondering what her answer would be. Not asking and not doing still feels badder than getting rejected. You will also feel good because you defeat your fears, it is a good consolation prize, you are getting tougher and tougher each day, your face is getting thicker. Next time, you will not be afraid to ask a girl anymore for a date, how good was that?

Deal with your problems now, it feels bad but the moment you start taking actions and somehow produce positive little results... you will eventually feel better. You will feel good, you will feel that the thorn in your throat is removed.

Waking up early feels bad if you will go to office or school, you want to sleep more, you want to feel good before you stand up. Don't you know that feeling bad will only last 5 minutes, once you surpass that 5 minutes of feeling bad then you're already good to go. 5 minutes is very short, it is not a lifetime, endure that 5 minutes and you will feel better, you will feel energized and motivated, you are ready to rock and roll.

If you want to thrive in life then don't be fooled by your emotions. Don't let emotions serve as your guide, sometimes you need to feel bad in order to feel good. It is better to feel bad now than to feel badder later.

April 27, 2017


Producing big numbers will also attract big numbers. If your desired numbers is not showing up to you then it is time to produce some numbers and see if other numbers will be attracted.

If you are expecting 10,000 dollars a month and it is not coming to you then you should produce your own numbers and see if that 10,000 dollars a month will come to you. Produce some items that you can sell, produce a lot of it and sell it, wait if that 10,000 dollars will be attracted to you. Let's say you are selling cakes, then produce large numbers of cakes in one month and wait for that desired money to come to you, as simple as that.

If you are working for just 40 hours a week then why not work for 70 hours a week? and see if what results can you get. I think your chances of earning 10,000 dollars a month will become bigger if you will work for 70 hours a week. It is all about increasing the numbers that you can produce and wait for the desired numbers to get attracted to you.

Because if you keep on wishing for your desired numbers to come... it will not come, you must do something differently, you must produce what you haven't produced before so you will have better chances of winning.

It is all about doubling or tripling your effort, it is the best thing to do. You want a different result? come and get it by increasing your own numbers, as simple as that. Your workload may get bigger but your chances of winning gets bigger too. You may get even tireder, you may get over fatigued but it is what it is. You have to be competitive if you want to become successful. You can't be producing an old number over and over again and expecting a different result, you are only wasting your time by doing that.

In anything you do, may it be push ups, practicing shooting, practicing dancing etc.... you must increase your numbers to forge a different outcome. It is a little bit hard but very simple. You don't need to look for other solutions, it is only about going an extra mile.

Instead of thinking about shortcuts and how to become successful fast... why not produce your own numbers... a number that is undeniable, a number that will shock the world so your success can be guaranteed. Don't look for your work to become shorter, try to make it longer, try to increase your value so that you gain a lot of attraction.

Keep in mind that big numbers also attracts big numbers so if you are attracting short numbers it means your effort is not enough, it means your effort is too weak and you need to make a certain adjustments if you want to see a bigger result.

It is very simple, just break your record yesterday, break it little by little until your numbers becomes bigger and bigger.

April 27, 2017


If you have a precious thing... let's say a car, a diamond ring or an expensive shoes... use it. Use it because it is just a thing, don't worship it because it will be the cause of your unhappiness.

A lot of people wants to take care of their precious things to the max, they even get mad when someone accidentally scratch it, they go crazy, they freak out. It is funny because a thing is just a thing, it is not even breathing, it doesn't have any feelings. I am not saying that don't be careful with your things. You still should be careful but the point here is... don't feel bad if your things have scratches or dirt. It is nothing, you can't even bring those cars, diamonds, golds with you when you die. Use it... don't worship it.

Don't let any material things be the cause of your happiness because if you do so... your happiness will become shaky, you will not achieve total freedom. You will feel bad everytime your things gets dirty or old, you will feel bad if you can't buy something because you don't have money... that is what worshiping things can make you... it will make you dependent from something that is outside of you. It will make you mentally weak.

A lot of people died not using their jewelries, expensive shoes, collection of toys, vintage cars etc. They died not enjoying their belongings because they worship it, they didn't use it. They hoard it, they didn't even give some of them to other people even if they have so much because just like I said... they worship those things. The sad thing is, they weren't able to enjoy their things, they don't even want to touch it because they want to preserve the beauty and quality of their things.

Some things can get broken even if you are not using it because of being too much old, time makes it weak, time destroyed it. It is better to destroy your things by yourself because of over using than the time destroy it. You will only feel bad if you weren't able to use your things so the best thing to do is use it now, use it like it is nothing, use it like it is not precious. You will become even happier if you are experiencing your things and not keeping it.

A toy collector keeping his toys in a box is stupid. Why will you keep your toys in a box? the purpose of a toy is to be played and not to be preserved. If you are thinking that the value of your toy will depreciate if you open it then you should not buy it from the start. Toys are not meant to be displayed, it is built to be played, touched and makes you think like a child. You will become even happier if you will play it.

Will a child that is very happy going to keep his toys in a box? of course not. A real happy person will not preserve his things. If you wanted to become really happy then don't worship your things, use it, use it to make you happy, don't preserve it because it will never stay with you forever.

April 27, 2017


Even if you love something so bad, sometimes the passion will die, the passion will become weak and you will think of doing something else. This is completely normal, you can't be passionate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you're just a human being and you need to take a break, you need balance, sometimes all you need is rest and everything will become normal again. Sometimes, you just need to remove the toxins, stress and bad energies in your body to come back stronger than ever.

Passion dies, passion can go away but it can always come back. All you need to do is do it again, do it even if you feel tired, do it even if you don't feel like doing it. Humans has roller coaster of emotions, sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are not. The key here is... don't make it a big deal if you feel bad because it is completely normal. Don't dwell on things that are not making you happy because it will only make you go crazy. Just do what you love even if you don't love it for the moment. Your passion will come back if you keep moving even if you feel so lazy.

Successful people are successful because they keep moving even if they don't want to. You think they have a lot of passion but the truth is not, they also feel the same as yours, the only difference is they can make their passion and excitement come back again because they always move, they never get complacent. They find ways how to enjoy what they are doing, they can move even if they are sick, tired or unmotivated. They never make excuses to avoid moving, they were always in motion, they were obsessed of movement.

Successful people also feel sick and tired of what they are doing but they keep doing it until their passion comes back. Unlike mediocre people who keeps on quitting, successful people never leave something if it is not yet successful. They make sure that they make something whether it is a business or small project successful before they leave it. They stick with the process for a very long time, they never give up until they win and that makes them a real winner.

So if you feel tired or unmotivated... just do it, do it even if you're slow or lazy. Do it until the love comes back because for sure it will. Do it and you will find the energy to do it. All you need is to forge a little momentum until you find your rhythm.


1. Fatigue. Your're just a human, you can feel bad sometimes, you can feel lazy so don't curse yourself if you feel lazy. Don't feel bad if you are feeling bad. Just stay with that feeling but keep moving. You will become motivated once you are taking actions, you can never feel motivated if you are always sleeping and not doing anything.

2. The results were not showing yet. A lot of people were only passionate in the beginning, they were so excited, they think they can make it in one month or one week but when the results are not showing yet.... their passion dies, they will quit and they will make excuses. If you want your passion to stay longer... NEVER LOOK FOR RESULTS, just keep moving and enjoy the process.

April 27, 2017


Having the ability to move and take actions is one of the greatest gift that anyone can have, yet a lot of people take it for granted, a lot of people were so scared to move and take actions. They were so afraid of getting tired. What is wrong with being tired? there is nothing wrong with it. Be happy if you are tired because it means you are working hard, it means you are producing results. It means you are doing something for your life and you're not like anybody else who just bum around and do nothing. It means your life has a meaning and it has a direction.

A lot of people were so skilled, talented, strong, smart but they can't even move because they don't have the habits of moving. They procrastinate a lot, they waste their time and when the time comes that they were too old and can't do anything... that is the time when they will feel regrets, they will feel that they only wasted their lives. They wanted to take actions but it is too late now, they were rusty and weak, they can't even think the right way. They can't even make baby steps, they were completely immobilized, they're just waiting for their death.

What you need to do if you're completely lost in life is just be happy moving. Be happy if you can take actions especially if your actions were all positive. A positive action will take you to a right direction. You don't need to worry anymore, you don't need to be scared. If you're happy moving then you can do everything.

If you don't have the job, just be happy applying for a job, be happy walking door to door, block to block, office to office... looking for a job. And that's it, your problem is already solved. You're on the right path so the job will come to you soon, it may not come now but for sure it is on its way. You will have a job tomorrow or next week or next month, but make sure that you are moving everyday because it is the only best thing to do.

If you have a problem... just simply run, be happy running or walking, be happy moving your body. Your problem will not go away but for sure you will feel better, you will feel lighter, your mind will think clearly. Exercise is the best medication so don't hesitate to move, it will give you good emotions that will put you on the right path to freedom. Just be happy moving and everything will be alright.

Always be happy moving even if the results were not showing... yet. If you are moving now, it means something good will happen to you tomorrow or next day, a good direction will be revealed, you will have a better life and of course you will feel better because you have a momentum.

Don't be scared to move, don't be scared to get tired. If you need to do something... do it right away. Don't wait for tomorrow or next day, just move now and problem is already solved. Movement will give you security, it will give you clues. Choose action over stagnation, never stay in one place, never get stuck in a mud thinking or waiting for something to happen. You will only make things happen if you are moving.

April 26, 2017


They will say that you are wrong, it is wrong and you are not doing the right thing. But what if you are doing right, it just happens that yours is a different version?

A lot of people were not open minded, they are not welcoming any other ideas, techniques or process if it looks new to them or if it is not what they usually do or know. They will tell you that you are wrong even if what you're doing is also working. They will judge you, criticize you because they think that they are the only ones who are right.

If it is working then it is right, as simple as that. There is no right or wrong for as long as it is giving you results. What you are doing is just another version, it can look weird or odd but if it is giving you results then keep doing it because it is the right path for you. It is not that you are pretending to be smart or knows a lot, you are just following your heart and instincts... there is nothing wrong with that.

The good thing about life is... you can be super creative, you can do it your way, you are free to choose what methods, version, techniques you like. You have the option to choose what option is the best and feels good for you. Stop listening to what other people say, don't do something that feels bad to you. Just follow your heart and everything will be alright. Keep doing your thing because it is the right thing, if you do it your way then it is the right way.

You can play a music in your own version, some people may say that you are wrong but the truth is... you just want to play it differently. If you're still in the perfect timing then you're not wrong. You're just doing your own version and there is nothing wrong with it. You can play a music different than the original because that is how you play, there is nothing wrong with you, just keep playing and enjoy your own version.

Some people may judge you, some people may laugh at you but never mind them, they were just jealous because they were so plain and boring. They were perfectionist that is why their lives were not perfect. They can't even produce a version of their own, they were so hooked up with following the trend, they can't do it their way because they were so scared of being judged by judgemental people like them.

So don't be scared to do your own version, don't be scared to look different. If it feels good then it is always right. Just keep playing, keep using your own technique, keep using your own rhythm. You can be successful inventing your own process, you can thrive by simply improvising and following your heart. Forget fitting in, forget what people say because you are the only one who knows what is right for you.

April 26, 2017


Maybe you're not dreaming the right dream that is why you can't get your dream. Maybe you're dreaming so high but you're working so low. There is nothing wrong with dreaming so high but your effort should be congruent to your dreams.

Stop dreaming about dating a celebrity or marrying a very popular and hot woman. Again there is nothing wrong with that if you have the means to get that type of woman. Are you rich? is your lifestyle congruent with her lifestyle? Do you have what it takes to get her attention? What you need to do is dream about getting rich so you will have the chance to talk to a celebrity once you're a millionaire. That is the right way of dreaming.... dreaming about the means to get that big dream. You should dream about realistic dreams. And don't ever dream about being a millionaire yet... not so fast, you should dream about how to get a business or work that will make you a millionaire. You must have a game plan. It is like dissecting everything and putting yourself in the best position where you can make all your dreams come true... and that is by getting the nearest dream to you. That is by doing the most realistic thing that you can do and become bigger and bigger everyday.

You are dreaming about a car, a nice and fancy car but you don't know how to get that car. Again, you're dreaming the wrong way again. You must dream first about how to get money to get the car of your dreams. Dream about the steps on how to get that car. Dream about working hard and taking small steps each day to save money for that car. Dream about working hard, dream about outworking everyone. Once you got that momentum of getting pretty decent money then you already have the right to dream about that car. Again, there is nothing wrong about dreaming big but you must also be realistic, you must do something to get it and not just dream about it.

Because you're just wasting your precious time dreaming about something, you could have use those time for working and making a little progress. Dreaming is useless if you are not doing something to get it. You will be dreaming forever if you will just lie on your bed and be satisfied by just thinking about it.

Stop dreaming about being popular if all you can think about is the audience that are clapping and asking for your autograph. You must dream about the hardships, the massive amount of work, the adversities that you must beat in order to arrive on that big stage. Everyone wants to become popular but they are not willing to take risks, they are not willing to suffer for that popularity. You must dream about taking actions, dream about having a strong confidence that no matter what happens... you will get that status that you are dreaming about for a long time. Dream about the heartaches, the stress, the process. Don't dream about the easy path to the top, dream about persevering and making it little by little.


1. Never dream about things or people or money or status if you are not willing to take sacrifices on how to get those dreams. If you are not willing to take actions then don't dream at all because you're wasting your time, you will only dream forever.

2. Dream little then make it big. Don't just dream big and be overwhelmed on how to get it, dream about little things and then try to make it as big as you can. Dream about the process, dream about having a little bit momentum and then try to make that momentum stronger each day. Make it a snowball effect, make it roll and be consistent in taking actions.

3. Dream about what you really want. Don't dream about something because everyone wants it. There is a right dream waiting for you, listen to your heart. Feel if you really want it, is it congruent to your personality and passion? You will get your dreams faster than expected if you really want it and you are willing to die for it.