March 16, 2017


Another reason why you can't become successful and why your life seems going nowhere is because you are stacking a lot of garbage in your house. How many things you have that you are not using anymore? How many old things that are not working anymore but you still cannot get rid of?

You buy a lot of things that you will not even use. Don't be seduced by things that you think you will use, it only looks good when it is new. If you just save your money that you used for buying those useless things and use it in business then maybe you have a better life now.

Watch yourself, if you keep on repeating buying shirts, displays, appliances, gadgets that you will not even use after a month... stop it now. Look at your house, it is full of shits that you are not using. You can't have a peace of mind because there are lots of things scattering in your place. Just keep the things that you will use, by doing that you will have a nicer place and a more peaceful mind. Make your house clean, minimalistic and a place of serenity and tranquility.

The truth is... you want to have a lot of things just to look rich but the reality is you are looking even poor because your things are shitty, dirty and old. It is only ruining your place. It is better to have a simple, clean and organized house than to have a house that is full of things but are only making the house look like a mess. You need to get rid of those things, let them go and have a simpler and cleaner life. You will feel better once you have a lot of space in your house. Having a lot of things that you are not using is not accomplishment... it is hoarding and making your life difficult because it will make your mind crowded, sometimes you want to use them but you can't because you don't have to.

Having a lot of those garbage is not growing, it is dying because your financial growth is diminishing by being addicted to buying things that are sale on the mall but you really don't need. You just waste your money. So stop believing in those lucky charms, lucky vases. lucky chair etc. If those were lucky then why did you lost money for buying it? So buy only things and keep things that you will use for a very long time and not just for temporary pleasures.

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