March 30, 2017


It's time to make a different approach, it is time to separate yourself from the pack. Everyone is doing the same thing, that is why they are getting the same results. They were all rushing and panicking. I don't know what they hear on the news, I don't know what is wrong with them but all of them seems like they're running out of time.

They are panicking and rushing because they don't make a good plan in life, they don't handle their life very well. They are so random and they don't build a system that will make their life easier and happier.

You are rushing to go to your office if you didn't wake up early to prepare yourself for work. You are rushing because you give yourself so much time for sleeping and you didn't give too much time allowance for preparing. You need to change, don't use traffic as an excuse to your boss why you are late. You need to sleep early, wake up early and have more time for travelling to your work.

It's Christmas season, people were rushing to buy Christmas presents for their love ones, but you are different... you already bought all of your Christmas gifts before the month of November because you don't want to join the mob and do the panic buying that will only cause a lot of stress to your life. And one more thing, they are waiting for their Christmas bonus but you are not because you already saved a lot of money before the Yuletide season. They are rushing because they are not prepared, you are relaxing because you are prepared.

They are rushing to go to the mall when there are lots of items that are sale, they want to get huge discounts because they thought that they can save a lot of money by doing that. They think that it is only once in a year when shopping malls give huge discounts. But you are different, you are just relaxing at your home resting this weekend. You don't care if you get huge discounts or not because you know that you don't need those items, you don't get easily fooled by sale items because you know it is better to save money than to buy items that you don't even need. A lot of people thinks that they were able to save more money by buying sale items, they were stupid because how can you save money if you spend it? They are rushing and you are relaxing because you know the right thing.

They are rushing to get rich, they join a lot of investment scams that will leave them broke in the end. But you are different, you are relaxing enjoying your journey because you know that getting rich is not a one night stand. You know that it takes time and you are patiently enjoying your time. You are enjoying yourself working hard and growing your assets little by little. You are not panicking to get rich because you are confident that you will get there.

The conclusion is... if you are rushing it means you don't know the right thing, you are not prepared and you're always out of control. But if you are relaxing then it means you are prepared and you already do the best thing to do. If you want to get different results from the mob then you should learn how to relax and you can only do it if you put yourself in a position to relax, meaning you already did the most important things in your life, you do your responsibilities, you work hard and you never did stupid decisions.

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