March 05, 2017


Look at yourself and see if you are really being arrogant. Arrogance means saying something you will do but you cannot do. Arrogance means you are belittling someone who is not even doing something bad to you. Arrogance means not giving importance to people who will help you to become successful. If you have these qualities then you're arrogant but if not then just keep doing what you are doing, you're almost there, you need to focus and make massive actions.

Some people will tell you that you've changed, that you're not the same person anymore. They will tell you that you're not humble anymore and you think highly of yourself. Well, that's normal especially if you are making a tremendous progress in your life. If you are succeeding they will tell you that you are starting to become arrogant. 

Maybe the way you speak changed a little bit, maybe the way you present yourself changed a little bit but that doesn't mean you are becoming arrogant. It means you are evolving and you are gaining some confidence. You are starting to believe in yourself because slowly you are becoming successful. 

It is normal that people will notice you, it is part of your evolution, they can say whatever the fuck they want but as long as you are not disrespecting anybody and you are still giving your best then there is nothing to worry about. For as long as you can back up your words and do what you told them you will do then it's not arrogance, it's only confidence. 

People often think that confidence is arrogance why? because they don't have confidence at all, they don't know that feeling because they are not succeeding. They were just jealous at you because you have what they don't have.

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