March 22, 2017


You already knew then answer yet you still ask your smart seatmate if your answer is correct before raising your hand and reciting to your teacher. I don't know why are you doubting yourself too much, you knew the answer but you are pretending that you don't know it. How did that happen? You are capable of reciting, you are just so afraid of making a mistake, you are afraid that your classmates might laugh at you or your teacher will correct you in a very unfriendly way. Even if those assumptions happen... is it really a big deal if you made a mistake? are you going to die if they laugh at you or your teacher get mad at you? You are asking too much for permission that is why you have less production.

You are open yet you didn't take the last shot, you pass the ball to the star player which is not even open, he force the shot and miss, your team lost. Is it the star player's fault or your fault? You've been practicing that shot all year long yet you can't take it? you are asking too much permission. You are so scared that your teammates or coach will get mad at you if you didn't made the shot so you pass it instead. And when you go home, you are wondering what could happen if you're the one who take the shot.

Once you have the chance... take it and don't ask for anyone's permission. It is your life, you have the right to shine, you have the right to become happy. Stop playing safe because you are even putting your life in danger if you are You are missing the happiness and satisfaction that you could have felt only if you man up and take the opportunity presented. An opportunity may not come back again so once you see it... devour it and treat it like it's the last.

It doesn't matter if other people will get mad, it doesn't matter if they blame you or laugh at you, what matters is you take what you think is rightfully yours. Avoid regrets, stop asking for permission.

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