March 30, 2017


It is what you do with your time that makes your life. If you are just wasting your time then your life is a waste, as simple as that.

A lot of people complain, they make dramas but making dramas itself is just a waste of time and they are not getting results by doing it. They can't get results because instead of using their time for working or doing some productive activities.. they use it to create dramas so the conclusion is... their life is a complete waste because they use their time for nonsense activities.

Look at yourself, what are you doing with your time? if you're watching TV for 8 hours or more a day then you're life is all about television, your life has nothing to do with wealth nor success. You spend most of time watching TV so the reward you get is knowing all the TV programs and their schedule. And by the way, you are also updated with any kind of negative news, it is a pretty good reward too, you are aware of the disasters and crimes, it is polluting your mind... not bad at all.

But if you use most of your time for improving your life then your life will improve, you will become successful, as simple as that. If you use most of your time for creating wealth then you will get wealth. It is impossible that you will attract poverty if you are using most of your time for getting money, that thing will never happen.

If you use your time for exercise then you will get healthy and achieve a great looking body. If you use your time for worrying then you will get stressed and sick. If you use your time for thinking about other people then you will never become happy, as simple as that. It is what you do with your time that will create your reality. So look at yourself now, check what you're doing, check where is your activity connected and that will be your life.

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